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Purchasing a new technological gadget can be an exciting experience. After tearing through stubborn security labels, discarding excessive wasteful inner packaging, and tolerating the scent of new plastic wafting through the air, the consumer finally reaches their electronic goodie. Without power, the device is useless. It is simply a plastic brick with some fancy buttons attached. However, when this device is given a source of energy, it comes to life, and brings to its user access to entertainment, information, or communication. Many people treasure their high end technologies, and use them on a day to day basis. What some people fail to see is the full potential of their device. Their electronic gadget, when in their own hands, improves their happiness and quality of life. That same gadget in the hands of a student can promote knowledge gain, personal growth, and allows them to receive an overall better education. The educational experience in America can be enhanced greatly by utilizing various new technologies available today.
One of the fastest growing technological trends in the classroom is the integration of computers. The appeal in using computers is seen in its wide capabilities; the possibilities are virtually endless. A computer in today's world can do almost anything for its user, so of course it can be used to enhance a student's learning experience. Use of computers and their complementing technologies in the classroom present a teacher with many options. When the teachers have options, the students can greatly benefit from experiencing a wide variety of teaching methods. “Research shows that children who use computers in an academic setting experience better development than children who do not use computers,” argues the author of an article that can be found on KidSource Online (“Computers and Young Children”). The options available vary from classroom to classroom (depending on each school's individual student to computer ratio and funding available to purchase certain technologies) but the possibilities are still great. Some schools have started programs that allow each student to have a laptop, which they carry from class to class and take home with them on a daily basis. Since academic performance has been proven to rise when computers are made to be a regular part of the curriculum, the occurrence of such programs is increasing rapidly across the United States.
When a student uses a computer to take notes they find it much easier. Most people are able to type much faster than they can write, so they can get their thoughts down more quickly and accurately, which can be especially useful during lectures. Computers are also designed to help organize thoughts more neatly than on paper. As opposed to erasing, crossing out, and cluttering the page, students can use a delete or backspace key (Deroche 1).
Even those who aren't the best typists, or who have poor computer skills, can still effectively use computers for...

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