Using Technology To Increase Academic Success

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Using Technology to Increase Academic Success
I remember growing up and watching my older sister and brother receive English and Math lessons on a small chalkboard that my mother used to help us read and write. It was the same method that her mother and her mother’s mother used to learn. The portable chalkboard was a staple to my families learning ability. In the last ten years technology has seemingly become an extension of ourselves. When I go out with my wife everywhere I go I see kids, adults, toddlers and even grandparents with some electronics device that seems to be occupying their attention. Technology is especially on the rise in the academic communities from elementary schools, to ...view middle of the document...

ECAR collected information from 112,000 undergraduate students from over 250 higher education institutions and from all the students they collected information from 76% agreed that technology helped them achieve their academic goals (Dahlstrom, Walker, & Dziuban, 2013). In this same study it was shown that 76% also agreed that they felt more prepared for their future education plans by managing their plans with technological applications while an additional 61% of student reported that they used technological devices and applications to help them prepare for work (Dahlstrom, Walker, & Dziuban, 2013). Statistics show that technology use and ownership is steadily on the rise as the comparison of statistics from 2012 to 2013 of ECAR’s Undergraduate Students and information Technology states. There has been a 9.3% average increase on electronics ownership from 2012 to 2013(Statistics provided from: CDW, 2012) (Dahlstrom, Walker, & Dziuban, 2013).
According ECAR’s Study from 2004 to 2012 there was an increase of 83% of students who own a laptop. The 2013 study found that 58% of the student own three or more internet-capable devices (CDW, 2012) (Dahlstrom, Walker, & Dziuban, 2013).
Parents, for example, utilize technology in their favor by buying electronic toys that teach their kids to learn to paint, count, read, recognize colors, animals and even help them learn different languages. A better description is given in the book Quest to Learn, by Salem, Torres, & Wolozin (2011) who admits that many games are developed by designers to inspire kids to take a particular likening to designers, inventors and other academic excelling subjects (Salem, Torres, & Wolozin, 2011). In the past children have had the opportunity to listen to the teacher read and teach from the classroom. With the advancement of technology students can interact with the books they are reading by looking up words they may have issues understanding, or possibly draw the links between allusions or metaphors explained without having to go to the internet for understanding. I know growing up reading Shakespeare was difficult for me considering English was my second language. Old English was difficult to understand and I could have benefitted from the use of technology to break down sections of the literature to better understand and appreciate what I was reading.
Most young adults carry smartphones, reading tablets, laptops or other gadgets like MP3/MP4 players and E-Book readers that help them not only to study but socialize with others. College students utilize all their technological tools to write assignments, conduct research and find answers in seconds. When they have questions they can consult their devices for further information and examine their learning material fuller while gaining a more holistic understanding of what they are being taught.
The first computer was 3 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 100 feet long; let that sink in (Swaine, 2013). With today’s technology a $1.00...

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