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Using The Case Study Provided, Develop A Treatment Plan For This Client. Justify Your Assessment And Proposed Actions In Terms Of The Relationship Models And Concepts In The Module

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People will often ask what makes a good or long lasting relationship. In truth there is no one answer, what works for some will not work for others, it’s about finding the balance that suits the both people. At the beginning of a new relationship, the excitement of being in that relationship helps us to not see the things the other person does which may cause annoyance. At this stage in the relationship both parties find themselves faced with everyday realities which means they have to work at the relationship to find and maintain a balance. When couples are faced with life changing events or illnesses the balance changes quickly and they will find themselves in the difficult position of facing their own feelings and fears while trying to support each other. People are happiest in relationships where the give and take is about equal. If one person is getting too little from the relationship, then not only are they going to be unhappy with this, the person getting the lion’s share will also be feeling rather guilty about this imbalance. This is reinforced by strong social norms about fairness. In short-term relationships we tend to trade in things, such as swapping or borrowing items or buying drinks, in long term relationships the trade is more emotional.

Adams (1963) noted that "the presence of inequity will motivate a person to achieve equity or reduce inequity, and the strength of motivation to do so will vary directly with the amount of inequity." The Equity theory came about as a result of previous studies in disruptive justice and concerns that for a relationship to be successful then there must be some balance, which was summarized by Walster, Walster and Berscheid (1978) in their four principle approach. Generally people will try to get the most out of a relationship while trying to avoid any unpleasant experiences. Although we all like to get what we want we are also very conscious if the other party appears to be getting more from the relationship. The second principle looks at how these rewards are shared out equally so both feel they are putting the same amount of effort in while receiving the same amount of recognition and reward. If these needs and rewards are not balanced the third principle looks at the distress this causes, while principle four sets about trying to resolve the state of balance or equity without putting all the effort on to one person. The idea of equality in a relationship does not have to be an equal 50/50 split of chores but a mutually agreed level that suits both without causing conflict.

Thibaut and Kelly (1959) proposed a four-stage model of long-term relationships called social exchange theory. Each stage explored a particular time in the relationships development. Stage 1 was all about sampling and exploration of the costs and rewards of different relationships, either by trying out relationships or by observing others. Stage 2 looks at bargaining, once we have found a partner that we want to spend...

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