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Using The Feedback Provided As Evidence Critically Evaluate The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Presentation And Reflect On How You Can Improve T

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Feedback is defined as “information in response to an inquiry, experiment, etc,” (Houghton, A. 2009). This means to be given information regarding the matter of what you are testing. Our experiment was how to present a presentation and using the feedback given to analyse where the strengths and weaknesses were. The feedback was made up of different categories and focused on how the group presented the presentation. On the feedback slip there were boxes and each box was given a subheading and a blank space for the mark, 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest, and a comment box for the audience to comment on what was good and what could be improved. With the feedback provided from the ...view middle of the document...

Pace and timing scored well with 68%, appendix 6 and 10g. Although the presentation had been rehearsed, refer to reflective log, this sub heading still needs to be improved. The only way to develop this is to keep practising.
Overall scored 82, appendix 8 and 10h, with only 18% being scored as a 1,2 or a 3.

Looking at the strengths using the bar chart, appendix 11, it is clear that references and the main body were the group’s strengths. As group 100% wasn’t achieved in either of these categories there is still room for improvement. The main body was one of the group’s strengths achieving 82%, appendix 2&9, with comments like “Articles well researched”. The group spent a while researching the topics before combining each other’s knowledge. Now that the group know that history is one of the strengths, other areas can be worked on such as editing the slides enough to have only important information on each slide. Having too much information on the slides was a comment made quite a few times. Although the group edited the presentation, more needs to be edited next time. The reflective log supports this point because the group decided during the editing stage which points that were needed to be kept. However, to further improve the group will need to be more critical in final draft and be able to select only the more important information to include. References were the highest section out of the other feedback results. 89% with only 11% off 100%, appendix 4 and 10d, still suggests that there is room for improvement. Viewing the feedback it didn’t really comment on how it could be improved. Looking over the presentation, personally the pictures should have been referenced correctly with the reference underneath each image. Therefore, next time each image should have its own reference.
The weaknesses of the presentation were visual images...

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