Using The New French Prusik Knot In The International Tree Climbing Championship

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Using the New French Prusik Knot in the International Tree Climbing Championship

The hot topic of conversation among tree climbers at the 1997 ISA Conference in Salt Lake City was the "new French Prusik" knot. It was somewhat controversial since the International Tree Climbing Championship committee was faced with the decision of whether to allow its use in competition. It had been previously disallowed in 1995. In actuality, the knot has been around in arboriculture for awhile.

In 1993 I had the good fortune to be one of the Americans to attend the first European Congress on Tree Care in Lahnstein, Germany. To this day those of us that were there remember the Congress as a forum that helped us all to realize the importance of the ISA and the International Tree Climbing Championship series.

Francois Dussenne from Belgium introduced the Machard Tresse, an unusual climbing hitch, to all those present at the first European Tree Climbing Competition. He had used the climbing hitch in 1992 to help him win his second French Championship. Everyone who had a chance to try the Machard tresse agreed that it was more complex than the other climbing hitches. There was an equal sense of intrigue and caution among us.

The Machard tresse is, in my opinion, an advanced knot that requires experience and practice to integrate into a climbing system. I have seen several different ways of tying the knot, utilizing a variety of rope lengths of cord that is being used today. In this article we are endeavoring to compare and contrast several experienced climber's views on this knot. Each reader must assess the advantages and disadvantages before drawing their own opinions.

Ken Palmer is the only three time International Tree Climbing Champion. He has been climbing trees for over 22 years. He is president of ArborMaster Training, Inc., where he and partner, Rip Tompkins, are well known for their training programs.


By Dwayne Neustater
Just when you thought it was safe to sit in your Blake's hitch a new hitch emerges. The hitch I would like to introduce in Climbers; Corner debut is the very same hitch 1997 World Tree Climbing Champion, Mark Chrisholm used in Salt Lake City, Utah this past summer. Second place Kay-Olaf Busemann and I were the only other two who used this new hitch in competition.

This hitch has been used by mountaineers and rescue teams in France and Europe for many years. In fact Machard is the name of a French rock climber. I first saw Francois Dussenne of Belgium demonstrate this hitch to North American tree climbers in Halifax in 1994. Since then it has developed a small cult following. The hitch is radically different looking than anything we are used to and so at a glance you tend to want to shrug it off. Then why does the current world champion prefer this hitch? This hitch outperforms any other hitch I have used in all the right ways. That...

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