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Using The Social Media As A Marketing Platform

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1.1 Literature Review
Evans (2010) states a lot of companies miss perfect opportunities on making the link between social media and search marketing in their online marketing plans because they don’t realize the link between social media and search is being found. The programs of social media marketing are focus to create different functions to encourages the users/ readers and attracts their attention to share their information within the social networks. The current electronic word of mouth refers to any statement of users shared by the Internet, such as social networks, web sites, news feeds and instant messages, that about product, service, brand, or an event. Marketing of social media as the process of gaining attention or traffic through social media platform. Social media is a catch all term for platform which allows for the users to do different social actions radically. The common social media is Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter… etc. New advertising and marketing platforms… focus on conditions for cooperation and defection aptly describe the choices available to marketers and consumers in social media marketing… view of social media marketing holds that the marketer-consumer relationship can evolve toward mutual cooperation (Anderson, 2010). Linkedin is the premier site of social network that is most solely to professionals, also a networking tool for business rather than personal purposes… allows more people to take comments and conversations seriously because everybody has their professional reputations on the line (Neal, 2011).

The advantage of the internet is that it offers greater possible distribution or presence for fewer dollars than any other marketing tool… a site where anyone in the world with internet access can see your presentation (William, 2001). Nowadays, keyword research is really important that the business and professionals use it to get more consumers and visitors into their websites and enhance the brand awareness as well. Another meaning, the company or professionals without the keywords or without any right keywords that used on their website, it means they are remain invisible to their consumers. There are numerous keyword generation tools available in the world and internet, the keyword research services provided by any of the major search engines is the most common way to helps and define the purpose of the promotion campaign. The tool of Google’s keyword is one of best keyword tool online in the past decades. The use of keyword research software has become very essential in attracting the best target audience for an online business (VT). It also helps to boosting the income of business and / or individuals to identify the most appropriate way of monetizing the online tracffic, and keyword research software helps to interact the potential customers to the website or blog directly. It is the reasons why the online business has become very popular...

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