Applying The World Is Flat To Canada

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Title: The World is Flat – Canada and the Flat World

There are many challenges and opportunities that the Flat World has provided and allowed for in the world we live today. Canada needs to be prepared for this Flat World. The following hopefully explores just that.

1. How has/does a flat world impact world trade and Canada. The flat world, with the advent of advancements and exposure to technology, infrastructure, culture, cost, education, political change and ideology has changed both World Trade and Canada has a whole. The flat world has changed a traditional top-down (vertical) type command and control to a horizontal one (collaborate and connect), in our global economy. This in turn impacts the World and Canada. Countries that are driving the flattening world such as India, China, and Ireland whom have allowed for global collaboration, innovation, creativity, skilled/educated labor force (education has a national strategy), political and economical reform has allowed them to prosper and become effectively competitive relative to the rest of the World in terms of Globalization. The rest of the World (The countries that want to adopt and adapt) and Canada, moving forward in the flattening world, has to be adaptable and adoptable, by collaborating as a global community and society, being competitive, innovative, creative, with continued political and educational reform, we shall continue to be prosperous providing growth for the world, Canadians, and the new found global surrounding communities.

2. How do you see the future job growth in Canada impacted by a Flat World? Canada is a beautiful country. I feel Canada is adapting to the flattening world. We are fostering business growth through focusing on development of small businesses, corporate strategies, and continue to adapt to the ever changing global marketplace. That being said, I feel job growth in Canada, will change to those of a high-skill/specialized nature vs. the low-skill/labor activity within the manufacturing industry. These in turn will be likely transferred to countries such as India, China, and other countries that in turn are more competitive. As defined within the book ‘the new middle’ job classes will be the individuals that are competing globally. Education and continuous skill upgrade are needed. Job growth in Canada shall continue to be effective, we partially subsidize education, have a capitalistic environment along with the social safety nets such as reasonable labor laws, and public health care. That being said we need to stay focused and continue to provide for business/political reform (as the world continues to change), address the educational need of all Canadian citizens, to be innovative, creative and competitive.

3. In what way will youth be impacted by the Flat World? Global youth in the flattening world shall have the opportunity of a lifetime provided they stayed focused, become educated and remove the complacency...

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