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Using Two Or Three Brands, Discuss The Influence Of Sponsorship On The Creation Of Brand Meaning

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Using two or three Brands, Discuss the Influence of Sponsorship on the creation of Brand Meaning.Sponsorship is one of the means open to a company to bring itself or its products to the attention of consumers and present them in a favourable light. Advertising is the most frequently used marketing tool and speaks to a consumer in a direct way. It announces the availability of a product and creates an image for a brand. It can also provide information on product quality, characteristics, price and performance. Sponsorship seeks to enhance these messages by association with a person (normally a movie/music or sports), event, club or team that shares similar image qualities and values as the ...view middle of the document...

These activities can be as varied as the imaginations of the participants. Some of the most usual are:*Display of the brand name on kit, banners around the venue, advertisements in programmes, and on other merchandise.*Use of the club, event, team or individual in advertisements and other promotions undertaken by the brand.*Personal endorsement of the sponsors products by teams or individuals by use of their products, kit or equipment*Production of joint websites or developing close links between separate websites. For examples of this in action you only have to think of the O2 sponsorship of the England Rugby Team, Tiger Woods endorsement of Nike products or the website work done by Coca Cola as a sponsor of the Winter Olympics.Most sponsorships are paid for in cash, but in-kind sponsorship can be useful and effective. Instead of money, the sponsor provides equipment, services or management expertise as all or part of its fee for the rights to a sporting activity. This can highlighted by Nikes sponsorship of sports teams in the University of Michigan as well as many other universities throughout.All three companies been looked at in this essay all have a connection with each other through the world of sport. Sponsors look to sport to add value to the brand proposition. In almost all sectors of all markets there is intense competition among companies and brands. Often there is little to choose from in terms of quality, content or price. In order to make a brand stand out from the crowd a sponsor will use sport to create a unique position in the mind of the consumer. At the highest levels, sport involves gold medals, world records, championship cups and global awareness. A world-wide, leading brand such as Coca-Cola wants to associate itself with such excellence and ubiquity so has chosen the Olympics and football World Cups for its sponsorships. But in order to personalise and localise its image and activity, Coca-Cola also supports grass roots sport to reinforce its global message. Nike uses sports superstars for their campaign to replicate the idea of excellence yet to try and reflect that onto the consumer by creating the presumption that you can 'just do it' too. Smaller companies can also benefit from improved, awareness images and sales through sponsorship at a local or regional level: the principles are the same, the only difference is scale. Companies use sports sponsorship for a variety of reasons. Companies may hope to increase Brand/Corporate awareness; this is where the company seeks to put a name in front of the consumer so that he/she will give it favourable recognition when exposed to other, specific marketing messages. Attempts to create a personality and style which distinguishes a product from another in the market and allows the company to develop its Brand image. Customer relations are another element a company may hope to improve. This is where a sponsorship can open dialogue between companies, showing the sponsor as a...

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