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Utah Essay

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Are you thinking about a place to travel with not a lot of time in a plane? How about bundles of fun attractions? Is shopping what you do best? Maybe you’re more of a nature person. If any of these describe you than you would have a blast in Utah!
I think that the history of Utah is really interesting. In the 1600’s Indians had come in the area. 224 years later Jim Bridger discovered the Great Salt Lake. After that in 1847 the Mormon pioneers came to Utah and only 3 years later it became part of the US territory. The next big event was in 1896 when Utah was voted the 45th state and in 1996 Utah celebrated its 100th birthday! Sadly in 1999 an immense tornado hit and caused over $100,000,000 worth of damage. It didn’t help that 3 years later the 2002 winter Olympics were in Utah.
Holding the Olympics is not easy; Utah figured that out in 2002. The first problem they ran into was seating for spectators. The Olympic Committee turned to the University of Utah. They were going to use their stadium but it only had 32,000 seats when they needed 50,000 chairs. The university got to work and added about 18,000 seats. Then the committee realized that the athletes needed a place to stay. Again the University of Utah built all new dorms for the athlete’s village. Those are only 2 of the many problems Utah overcame to host a fantastic Olympics!
If you were going to Utah, the Olympic Park would definitely be somewhere you would want to stop and visit. It has the world’s highest altitude ski jumps and the fastest sliding track. The park also has bobsleds that you can still ride in today. The bobsleds travel up to 70 miles per hour with 4 G's of force. When visiting the Olympic Park you can get a guided tour of the museum or you can watch future Olympic athletes practice ski flips into a pool! How could you not go see this while being in Utah?
The real question is should we go to Utah or Wyoming? The first thing to consider is the travel time, you don’t want to be stuck traveling half your trip. From Wichita to Wyoming it is 1,046 miles of travel. On the other hand Wichita to Utah it is 1,048 miles, only 2 miles difference so it wouldn't make a big deal. The next big thing to look at is what is there to do at each travel destination? Wyoming has river rafting, tons of national parks, historic trails to hike on, Grand Prismatic Spring (which would be really cool to see) and much more. Utah has carriage rides, theme and water parks, river rafting, tons of shopping, Olympic Village, a trampoline house and lots of other things! Utah has loads of exciting activities to do.
A place to visit while in Utah would definitely be the trampoline park! It has 15,000 square feet of trampoline along with 2 dodge ball courts, 4...

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