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Uterine Fibroids Essay

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a) What are uterine fibroids?
Uterine Fibroids is a common medical condition that occurs generally in women in reproductive age. Fibroids are considered as benign tumors that grow up in the muscular wall of the uterus. Fibroids are also called leiomyoma or myoma. The size of the fibroids may vary from small sizes (apricot seed) to large sizes (similar to a melon). When fibroids rise up to a large size “The uterus expands to make it look approximating to a 6 or 7 months of pregnancy”. (Gynecologists). They also can grow up as an abnormal whole unit attach to the uterus or develop similar to grapes in different areas around the uterus. (See figure 1)
A study published by The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, showed that the “most affected group is the African-American Women”; which are more susceptible to have multiple fibroids. (Gynecologists) (See fig 2), in the study they also said that there is not any particular cause for the condition; there some “risks” or “factors” that increased or decreased the presence of uterine fibroids in a woman”. (See table 1). In my personal case, the genetic or family history could be a determinative reason of my condition at the age of 23 years old.

Figure 3
Probability among black and white women’s of having uterine fibroids. (NICHD)

Table N 1. Risk factors associated with Leiomyomas (UNC Dept of OB-GYN)
Factor Risk
Early menarche Increased
Nullparity Increased
Age(late reproductive years) Increased
Obesity Increased
African -American Ethnicity Increased
Familiy History
Menopause Increased
Smoking Decreased

b) Categories of Uterine Fibroids:
Depending of the localization, there are three main types of uterine fibroids (see fig 3)

Figure 4
Types of Uterine Fibroids ( New York State Deparment of Health)
Sub-serosal fibroids:
This kind of fibroids develops from outside of the uterus. According to P, Gambadauro sometimes “Sub-serosal tumors are attached to the uterus by long tails or a stem-like base” (Gambadauro). Also, they can develop the uterine lining not affecting the size of the uterus’ cavity. This type of tumor is more frequent in women is a reproductive age.
Intramural fibroids:
Intramural fibroids usually surround the inner layer of the uterus also called endometrial and grow to a large size extending your womb and making appear more symptoms in comparison to other types of fibroids. The Intramural fibroids are the most common type of fibroid and are found in about 70 percent of women of childbearing age. (Tucker)

Sub-mucosal fibroids:
They are known as sub-mucosal because of it’s develop in the sub-mucosal or sub-endometrial layer of the uterus. Initially, they grow in the endometrial layer but slowly grow up until touch the sub-endometrial cavity. This kind of fibroid is rare, according to a study just only 5 percent of woman suffers of submucosal fibroids. (Gambadauro 211)

c) What are the Symptoms?
Some woman doesn’t present any symptoms...

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