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Utilitarian Ethics Essay

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Utilitarian ethics are based on the idea that everything we do should be for the outcome of the greater good. The debate for the utilitarian ethical perspective goes against the Kantian ethical philosophy, which basically states that everything you do, should be right or at least the intentions should be right. Utilitarians usually believe that suicide is good in some instances, while Kantians believe that there is no situation when suicide is acceptable.Some examples of the utilitarian ethics would be if someone was dying of a terminal illness and was ...view middle of the document...

The utilitarian view on suicide is my main reasoning for going towards the utilitarian philosophy of ethics. There are too many situations in which I believe that suicide in morally right, examples being the terminally ill, some situations dealing with loss of a function or limbs (paralysis), and any situation in which something has happened (accident, explosion) where someone is going to die, but it is simply a matter of time. The Kantian belief that there is no acceptable reason for suicide is most likely derived from Christianity, which for me is too closed-minded.When deciding whether your ethics are Kantian or Utilitarian you must first see where you are in your views, unfortunately most of these views are some of the most controversial views of today and yesterdays world, but if they were not, then it probably would not be a topic for discussion. The Kantian view on ethics is simply too easy to believe, that if everything you do is with good intentions, and then you are a morally good person. The utilitarian is a much better way for a society to view things, if a society works together for the greater good, then at least it will be closer to the ideal "˜utopian' society.

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