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Use Of Ethos In Pyongyang Essay

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Tang 1Yuqiao TangMs. Stacy BellEnglish 185 ML 8ASeptember 25, 2013Use of Ethos in PyongyangIn the graphic novel Pyongyang, Guy Delisle depicts his experience in North Korea. People's real lives in a mysterious nation are vividly exhibited by Delisle's hand. By demonstrating his own intelligence, rectitude and goodwill Delisle successfully uses ethos to develop his argument that the government manipulates and exploits people. However, the North Koreans do not believe in propaganda; they respect the Great Leader just because of fear and they long for freedom.Delisle's intelligence is embodied in different ways in Pyongyang. His skillful use of writing techniques leaves deep impression. Irony appears many times in the novel. For example, he implies that it is a waste of money for the government to build a large hotel since few tourists come by, writing "Given the number of tourists jostling to visit the 'paradise of the proletarian,' you wonder why they even bothered" (124). Delisle's expression is humorous, but also prompts the reader to think about why North Korean government spares no effort on surface formality. The description of his mental activity at the beginning is witty as well: "Christ! The things an animator has to do to get a gig" (8). Without writing a word he criticizes presenting flowers to the Great Leader, Delisle tactfully expresses how ridiculous this behavior is in his eyes. He also uses symbolism. The paper airplane he flies is regarded as the embodiment of freedom. At last, the direction the curtain blows in reveals the wind direction. Under that situation, the airplane is not likely to fly far. Delisle suggests that it is hard for North Koreans to own freedom in short time.Delisle's intelligence is also reflected in the comments from a lot of magazines. At the back of the novel, Entertainment Weekly describes Pyongyang in this way: "[Delisle] cloaks his tale with a compassionate cynicism that cushions the bleak horrors of this totalitarian." Time, one of the most celebrated magazines, describes the novel as "a fascinating and hilarious sketch of time in the country." The magazines speak highly of Pyongyang. These reviews contribute to Delisle's authority on the topic.Delisle's use of pathos is a convincing proof of his intelligence, which bridges between the readers and the characters in the novel. Take the children in the Children's Palace as an example. In that plot, Delisle intends to evoke the readers' sympathy for the children who are trained to smile in the same way. He guides the readers to realize how the North Korean government restricts people's freedom from a very young age. He does not voice his opinion, but chooses to draw the children's stiff smiles and show the readers the shocking reality of the scene. Showing the tragic and inhuman treatment of children is the most effective method to arouse people's emotions, because every one was once a child and people insist that children should grow up in environments...

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