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Use Of Genetically Modified Food Essay

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Use of Genetically Modified FoodGenetically modified foods refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. Genetically modified foods are produced from plants which have had their genes altered in the laboratory, they are modified to enhance preferred qualities. They can be defined as organisms that's DNA has been adjusted, in a way that does not occur naturally. Using modern biotechnology. Scientists recreate a gene from another organism into the plant's DNA to give it a fresh feature. It allows distinctive genes to be transferred from one organism to another, also between non-related species. [1] [2]GM foods were created for Greater yield. Crop species were engineered to produce larger fruits and in larger quantities, to be more resistant to insect pests and microbial infections, to have greater tolerance to drought and frost, to require less growing space, etc. All of these result in more pounds of food crops being harvested, leading to a greater market supply and thus lower prices. Some of the GM foods were also created to produce chemical compounds such as vitamins and other nutrients not normally present in them, to make for a more efficient source of nutrition. [3]Scientists can choose which genes to manipulate, but they still don't know where in the DNA to exactly insert these DNAs and they have no way of controlling gene expression. Genes don't work in isolation, changing a few could change the whole picture, with unpredictable outcomes.GMOs have raised concerns over their own beneficial in that they are resistant to virus, help humans suffering from scarcity, produce greater yields, and develop the sustenance of foods. Having foods is very important to human life to maintain good health and to survive. If people could not stop the increase of GMO, they should know why it is harmful to their health and how they can prevent it. GMOs are harmful to their well being, because transgenic crops lead to serious destruction of the environment and have contaminated organic crops. To prevent GMO, it should be labeled and people should know as to how GMO is dangerous for us. [4]GMOs will not be guaranteed food security unlike confirmed organic foods, which has been eaten in human history. No one can guarantee how side effects of GMO will be long-term and continuous, and proving safety is beyond the capabilities of current technology. Supporters of genetic engineering argue that the use of biotechnology to improve the nutritional contents of various foods will help people who suffer many deficiency diseases. However, Genetically Modified Organisms are only a temporary measure, it is not the essential solution for nutritional development of foods and medical welfares.Questions have been raised on the human impact of genetically modified organisms. Reviewers of recombinant DNA fear that the pathogenic, or disease-producing bacteria used in some recombinant DNA experiments might develop...

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