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Use Of Technology In The Classroom

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Technology was a great tool to help teach students concepts like reading comprehension. Technology can be used in so many ways from e-text to videos to power point and beyond. Text can be read aloud by the computer while the students are reading and that can boost comprehension and fluency. Teachers need to look at other ways to excited students into learning and technology is one way.
In this comprehension unit, there are two power points. One was used at the beginning of the unit to introduce the different comprehension strategies that they learned. Other one was used in the middle of the unit and was a game that the students played. The game was a review of the comprehension strategies that they have been taught.

The graphics that were created for this unit are of the different comprehension strategies. Each graphic tells the major points of a strategy and helped the students remember them.
The video that was created goes over the comprehension strategies that the students have learned. It helped them remember major points of the strategies and gave the clues on when to use them while they are reading.
Description and Rationale
Technology was very helpful in creating this unit. The power points, the graphics and the video all enhance the unit to help students to learn comprehension better than without using it. Technology was helpful to keep students engaged in learning because the students live in such a “wired” world.
Data Analysis
The data analysis had three parts to it: the SME phase, the one-to-one phase and small group phases. The data was organized by collecting the interviews, questionnaires and post test from the participants. The data analysis was guided by formative evaluation questions. The questions are:
1. Was the instructional goal achieved?
2. Which directions are not clear?
3. In what ways should the time allotted be either expanded or decreased?
4. How could the practice opportunities be revised?
5. Which vocabulary was not properly geared to the target audience?
6. Which vocabulary was not explained clearly enough to the target audience?
7. Was there enough content for the students to learn the objectives?
8. How well did the assessment measure the learning objective?
9. Was the pacing appropriate for the instructional product?
10. Were the learners engaged throughout the instruction?
11. Were the learners on task during the practice time?
12. Were the learners engaged with the power point, movie, and game?
These questions were used to compare with the data that came back from the SME, the one-to-one phase, and the small group phase. The students were given a post test at the of the comprehension unit to see if they learned the comprehension...

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