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Use Of Information Technology In Operation Management

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This report is to write about how Operation Management is employing more and more information technology, and in general this is being done to improve how organisations respond to the five objectives of Operations such as speed, flexibility, dependability, quality and costs. In this assignment, there will be an analysis of the technology available in different areas of the operation in the organisation choosing and will be providing a critical evaluation on how the organisation are achieving the goals is employing it for. The organisation choosing is Morrison’s PLC Supermarket. Morrison is the UK 4th biggest supermarket with a market, with over four hundred stores around the UK and over three thousand staff which includes the manufacturing and retail of the food. (

Characteristic of the Operation of the Management
(ABD 2010) Variety, this company have a huge range of variety products of items. However, this may have to be consider with a very high variety when compare it to other companies products lines. This company have a medium process of variety because of its limited flexibility in their products and services that they offer to the consumers like for example its range of fish display is limited to its standardised products line and this has make Morrison’s inflexible, and Morrison’s also offer a very low variety because this company cannot cater according to customers demand. However, Morrison’s presence of the in store fish monger allow to increase it level of customers contact whilst also increasing the flexibility, variety, and invisibility of the operation as fish can be customised in accordance with the customer demand.

(ABD 2010) Variation, this company have a fair predictable variation in their daily, weekly and seasonal basis in the busiest trading period such as lunch time, evening time, weekends, and holidays seasons which are Christmas, and Easter. Nevertheless as a results of this, Morrison’s varies the number of their staffs in store at any time in order to accommodate these variation were as Morrison employs a lots of part time and local staffs and it is also be able to respond to any unexpected variations with a flexible time as their staffs can be called to work at any time.
(ABD 2010) Visibility, Morrison’s could have said to have a high volume of visibility as their customers are exposed to all fronts end operation of the business although if one may have consider it visibility in terms of the extent in to which customers can be able to customise their products and services, and then visibility could have said to be low or medium. However, customisation for customers is needed for a high level of operation as most of the products and services that Morrison offers are standard and they cannot be customised, nevertheless the quality of services is related to customer satisfaction and the company try to...

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