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Use The Marketing Techniques And Develop A Company Dealing With The Childcare Industry In Malaysia

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IntroductionChildcare Industry is a type of services sector and it is one of the most promising service sectors because it is one of the fast developing sector in Malaysia. Since 1970s, the Malaysian Government emphasized the importance of education and childcare and this create more golden opportunity for marketer to choose childcare service as their target market. The childcare service has its own target market consisting of all actual and potential consumers of childcare services. The high demand of childcare centers in Malaysia will likely to boost the childcare industry as the main source of income in future.Macro environmentThere are two important elements in the marketing environment that is the microenvironment and the macro-environment. The macro-enviroment is "the larger societal forces that affect the whole micro-environment,". The macro-enviroment consists of six types of forces; demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces. A company's marketing strategy must take into account changes and trends in these environments so that can present opportunities or pose threats. A successful firm is one that regularly modifies it marketing mix and strategies to adapt to these changes.Demographic Environment"Demography is a study of human populations in terms of size, density, location, age, sex, race, occupation and other statistics"(Kotler et al 2001, p121). Marketers stresses on demographic environment because it involves people and it make up the markets. Malaysia is a country rich in resources and projected to have a population nearly 22.3 million people in year 2002 (US Census Bureau 2002,p1). The population of Malaysia is relatively young. There are a number of important demographic trend that are important to marketers, which are:1.Age Structure of the Population - According to population projections, at the present time the 0-15 age group constitutes approximately 39% of the population (18% are in the birth through 6 age group) and the population growth rate during the early 90s was about 2-3% (Evan and Ismail, 2001,p1). According to US Census Bureau the number of young children will still increase till year 2050 and the age group of 0-8 will be the largest population comprising in Malaysia. This will create a great opportunity for childcare sectors and marketers will need to aim young children as their target markets.2. The Changing Family- over the past twenty years there has been a significant rural-urban migration, as well as resettlement programs engaging rural communities in land development and rehabilitation schemes. These have disrupted the traditional extended family structure; many families now live as nuclear families (Evan and Ismail, 2001,p1). This means that women lack the traditional supports in terms of childcare, thus creating an increase in the demand for alternative care of young children. Besides woman no longer play a role of a housewife as many women are coming out to the business...

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