Using Dna As A Starting Point, Do You Believe There Are Limits To The Knowledge People Should Acquire? Defend Your Answer.

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Due to advances in molecular biology, the process of reproduction, or self-replication, has become better understood. At the core of this process is the DNA molecule. Though not itself alive, DNA is usually regarded as the sine qua non of life. DNA is considered the identifying mark of a living system. We judge something as living if it contains DNA. Biologically, the human mind necessarily inherits a powerful drive to sustain self and kind. However, intelligence and volition can in principle allow a mind to overcome any such biological imperative. Psychologically, human minds are subject to many psychological limits in the areas of memory, perception, attention, concentration, volition, and cognition. There is a functional hierarchy of knowledge where there is a glass ceiling and glass floor, and are glass walls above which, below which, and beyond which the conscious cannot venture. Man will never know it all. The knowledge that we do have leads to very interesting possibilities. A grasshopper nor preying mantis does not need to know the electrical or chemical or mechanical engineering, these things are just instincts by Nature. We need the knowledge of all people well-used for good-intentioned, well-used knowledge imparts service, comfort, and goodness. We need those with the knowledge to clean streets well as well as doctors, comedians, and disciplinarians. Man will challenge any boundary of knowledge. There are limits on the healthy amount of knowledge that a person or society can bear. Social and familial happiness and stability are being exchanged for the endless pursuit of knowledge. It would seem that there are many forms of knowledge kept from us as in the case of the amygdala having information about us that the conscious mind is kept away from. And, the details of the operation of the body are kept from us. The formation of our bodies in the womb is kept from us to some extent because we can not see what is going on in the womb twenty-four hours a day. The activities of each particle in our bodies are kept away from us. I feel that having all that knowledge would be too much to know. Considering, though, that the body knows when there are deficiencies of assorted multiple vitamins in the miniscule amounts of those supplied by one-a-day multiple vitamins, enough to meet the body's needs with the excess passed off through urine or creating toxicity. We know enough to slowly pursue that which will improve our own lives and society. Aside from that, the knowledge just mentioned and knowledge which exists but is kept from us: How was God formed? What is the purpose of life? How did God design the universe? How and why do we have the nature that we do? For billions of people, there are no answers to these questions. They are beyond the limits of our knowledge.Because genetics is important to so many aspects of human behavior, defense attorneys might consider using a defendant's genetic constitution as a strategy to excuse criminal behavior....

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