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How To Use Ebay Essay

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JonesJenette JonesCoffinEnglish 989-23-08Rough Draft-Process Analysis EssayHow To Use eBayWhere can you find cameras, phones, comics, clothes, antiques, shoes, jewelry, cars, even real estate all in one place? Where else but eBay, the ultimate marketplace. It can be as addictive as ever in today's shopping world. People see something they like, place a bid, they wait and see if they won, and pay. It is as simple that. Some people are afraid of using eBay. But there is nothing to fear. EBay can be easy once registration is done, they learn how to bid, and learn how to sell.Registering on eBay is easy and free. The registration process includes just a few simple steps. Step one requires to enter some basic information such as name, address, and phone number. Some personal information include the persons birth date to verify that the person is over eighteen. Step two is to enter an email address. The email provided must be able to be accessed immediately because eBay will send an email that contains instructions on how to complete the registration. Step three is to read and accept the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The agreements must be accepted to continue with registration. Step four is to choose a user ID, password, and a secret question. The user ID and password will be used every time someone signs into their account. If someone forgets their password, eBay will ask a secret question to verify the identity before providing the password. The last step is to check the email that was provided. EBay will send instructions to confirm the registration and to complete the registration process. That is all someone needs to do to register.Now that registration is done, we can begin to start bidding. Once the item of choice is found, it's easy to place a bid. First, carefully review the item listing, and click the place bid button on the item page. This can be located at the top of the screen next to the picture of the item. Next, enter the maximum bid welling to pay and press continue. Review the bid and click the confirm bid button. EBay suggest people enter their maximum bid because they compare that bid to...

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