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"Aiden" and "August": Fraternal Twin Brothers' Dilemma of Doing Homework and Attaining Achievement at their Suburban High School in Lexington, MassachusettsWalter Raleigh Higgs IIISW 421B- Social Work PracticeSimmons College School of Social WorkErina White, MSW, MPH, LICSW"Aiden" and "August": Fraternal Twin Brothers' Dilemma of Doing Homework and Attaining Achievement at their Suburban High School in Lexington, MassachusettsIntroductionThere has been debate over the merits of homework, which has been a part of educational culture in the U.S. since the mid-1800s (Gill & Scholossman, 2004). Recently, the debate has been centered more directly on the amount of time students are devoting to completing homework. Articles in major news sources (i.e., Hu, 2011; Keates, 2007; Mehta, 2009; Wallis, 2006) discuss how many schools have reduced the amount of homework done by students, often limiting the number of days students can be assigned homework or the length of assignments they are expected to complete. These above-mentioned stories cited statistics that demonstrate a growth in the amount of homework reported by American students since the early 1980's. Maltese et al (2012) mentioned in their research article on homework that nations traditionally ranked higher than the U.S. on international tests assign much less homework thank teachers here. Equally, a recent documentary compared teenagers in China, India, and the U.S. and tried to demonstrate how students from India and China spend a much greater proportion of out-of-school time devoted to homework and academic preparation (Heeter & Raney, 2007). Additionally, President Obama has repeatedly urged students to complete their homework-even those assignments that are not "completely relevant"-during his 'Back to School' addresses to students (Obama, 2009; 2011).As a second year extended student of social work, I have the distinct privilege of working with "Aiden" and "August", 15 year old African American fraternal twin brothers who live in a low-socioeconomic community of Dorchester, MA. Since elementary school, "Aiden" and "August" have received their foundational education from suburban schools through the METCO program. Currently, they are 9th graders at a suburban high school in Lexington, MA that has been ranked #3 in the state for its academic rigors and the students' scholastic achievements. Although their school boasts of these accolades, Aiden and August's academic records do not match with the school's reputation because they refuse to do their homework, which accounts for about 35% of their overall grade. Because they have the ability to take and perform academically high on comprehensive examinations in each class, they do not feel compelled to do homework. In this paper, I will explore the source of Aiden and August's attitude towards not doing and completing homework assignments through the ecological...

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