Using Information Systems Development Methodologies And Knowledge Management Ideas To Create A University E Learning Infrastructure

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe following report will give justification to the School Management Team on a £40,000 grant for the BIM Division. The grant will be used to implement an e-learning and communications infrastructure which will greatly benefit not only the BIM Division but the University as well.The report details, with full justification, the issues relating to this project such as IS and KM issues. The report then gives a full recommendation as to how the new infrastructure could be made.RECOMMENDATIONS*Further training given on Blackboard application*Procurement of Jasper software and Contact Space software*Delegation of a CKO to take control of the promotion, upkeep, etc of the infrastructure*KM suite to be made available to all in Division*Proposed infrastructure to be used as a prototype for the full scale deployment of a CWIS in the University to tie in with the University's MissionCONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY1CONTENTS2LIST OF TABLES3LIST OF FIGURES31.0 INTRODUCTION41.1 BIM WITHIN CONTEXT OF CBS AND WIDER UNIVERSITY41.2 STRUCTURE OF BIM41.3 ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY WITHIN BIM41.4 RECENT GRANT FUNDING RECEIVED51.5 COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE SHARING WITHIN BIM51.6 ANALYSIS OF CURRENT SITUATION51.7 E-LEARNING AND COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE72.0 DISCUSSION82.1 INFORMATION SYSTEMS82.2 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT112.3 IS & KM CONCLUSION143.0 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY164.0 PROPOSED RECOMMENDATIONS195.0 CONCLUSION22REFERENCES23LIST OF TABLESTable 1 - Analysis of current strengthsTable 2 - Analysis of current weaknessesTable 3 - The Forecast IT Training Market by Sector by Value (£m), 2001-2005Table 4 - Recommendations with regards to perceived weaknessesLIST OF FIGURESFig 1 - Types of information systemsFig 2 - 4 main categories of systemsFig 3 - Waterfall methodFig 4 - Spiral method1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 BIM WITHIN CONTEXT OF CBS AND WIDER UNIVERSITYThe Division of BIM is one of eight divisions within the Caledonian Business School at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). The Head of Division (HoD) of BIM is a member of the School Management Team which ratifies any decisions concerning the management, finances, programmes and administration of its constituent divisions. See Appendix * for a list of schools within the University and their constituent divisions/departments.Each campus school is semi-autonomous, governed by a school board made up of elected and ex-officio members from various divisions. The CBS board report to the Senate who in turn report to the University Court. Each of the universities eight schools are supported by centralised University departments including Academic Administration; Finance Office; Human Resource Management; Communication and Information Technology; Student Services and the Library and related services.Within the CBS, teams of administrators, based in centralised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offices, provide all undergraduate and postgraduate related support. Each programme team reports...

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