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Using Of Radiation In Essay

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Using radiation in medical imaging in South Africa (Timeline of the history in using it)
Medical diagnostic procedures used to define and diagnose medical conditions are currently the greatest manmade source of ionizing radiation exposure to the general population. The risks and benefits of radiation exposure due to medical imaging and other sources must be clearly defined for clinicians and patients. The use of ionizing radiation in medicine began with the discovery of X-rays Roentgen in 1895. Ionizing radiation is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with sufficient energy to pass through matter and physically dislodge orbital electrons to form ions. These ions in turn can produce biological changes when introduced into tissues. Ionizing radiation can exist in two forms: as an electromagnetic wave such as x-ray or gamma ray or as particle in the form of an alpha or beta particle neutron or proton. The most frequently used modality of radiation is diagnostic x-ray examinations, examination of the chest account for over 25% of all x-ray examinations. Nuclear medicine is used for treatment as well as diagnostic studies.

- Participants are familiar with digital radiography and have embraced this relatively new technology.
- There are advantages and disadvantages of digital radiography which has been applied to the clinical practice
- Timeline

Radiography has evolved over the years from using screen-film to digital imaging

- The digital images are displayed on the computer monitor
- Radiology is adopting digital imaging very rapidly
- Digital images come from every area of medical imaging , which includes nuclear medicine, diagnostic , ultrasonography , fluoroscopy, CT (COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY) and MRI

The first general-purpose electronic computer was developed in 1946 at the university of Pennsylvania.
-South Africa has been a user of radiation since radioactivity and x-rays were discovered.
-South Africa is a developing country, therefore many citizens that live in the country, basic needs have to be met.
-south Africa has a advanced nuclear industry, some radiation sciences, those focusing mainly on biology are underdeveloped.
- The discipline of radiobiology is needed to understand the effects of radiation in a living system, this discipline is essential but it is underdeveloped and not known about.
- Ionising radiation is helpful in the medical...

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