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Using Technology For Research And Learning In The Field Of Education

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Using Technology for Research and Learning in the Field of Education

In the last decade technology has expanded greatly. Now, we can order movie tickets, make reservations, and even listen to music without ever leaving the comfort of our own homes. But technology tools are not only used for entertainment purposes. These tools also help us learn and explore new things. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of technology tools as they apply to learning and research within education.

Tools for Teaching and Learning

The computer is a very important tool used in education. “During the past three decades, computers have become the most talked about, written about, and ubiquitous machines ever to be imposed upon mankind.”( Rockart, 1995, p. 55). The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) is said to be the first computer. It was a “huge machine having thousands of vacuum tubes and consuming vast amounts of electrical power.” ( Merrill, 1996, p.54). By the early 1970’s, the regular computer was invented. Around the same time, something called the Internet emerged. The Internet is a worldwide network. It connects LAN’s, WAN’s, and other regional networks from all over the world together into one global network. Recently, the Internet has become very popular. It was predicted in 1996 that by the year 2000, most universities and many homes would have Internet connections. (Merrill, 1996). This prediction was correct. By linking a computer to the Internet, one can gain access to a wide variety of additional resources and services. One can send e-mail, access electronic boards, and obtain a huge amount of information from different databases. Using e-mail greatly benefits students. With access to an e-mail account, students can send e-mails and receive e-mails from his or her teacher and also from other students. By doing this, students can ask questions and voice his or her opinion about the class, which inevitably enhances the learning process. When a student is conducting a research paper, e-mail can also be useful. Some students choose to e-mail someone who is more knowledgeable about the topic. Interviews can also be conducted through e-mail. For example, if a student is writing a paper about the education system in Spain, he or she may e-mail a student in Spain and ask him or her about the schools there. By doing this, the student is getting insight from someone who knows more about the topic because he or she is experiencing it. Electronic bulletin boards also help the communication of teachers and students. The difference between bulletin boards and e-mail is that messages stored on bulletin boards are open to everyone who is registered. Bulletin boards have been found useful to teachers who want to post messages to all of his or her students. Students have also found the bulletin boards useful for communicating with other students in other schools who are working on similar research projects. (Dede,...

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