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Utopia And Il Muqaddimah Essay

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Utopia and Il Muqaddimah both show the importance of families and social groups in the civilization they live in. Utopian families all have an equal role in the cities they live in; they are a microcosm of their city and its objective to survive; however, in Il Muqaddimah the subjects have the responsibility to help the ruler prosper. Utopians work and in return share what they earn, while subjects work for their survival. Utopians all have an equal work load and subjects hardships depend on their social status both situations lead to prosperity.
Utopians work for the commonwealth and in result no one worries about hunger or payment, “products of each household are taken to designated houses there and each kind of goods is separately stored in a warehouse. From then each head of household goes to get whatever he and his household need” (More 1713). This system allows Utopians to prosper because if one household does not do well that year and another does well, this results in a balanced scale, this system is seen in America today also known as government assistance. Subjects on the other hand have to work and pay taxes to their ruler, this results in his prosperity and the different groups based on their income, “People, thus, cannot persist in a state of anarchy and without a ruler who keeps them apart” (Khaldun 1732). Utopians have multiple rulers who keep the peace and expect no pay while subjects have a single ruler who relies on his subjects to prosper.
In Utopia the citizens rely on each other because although thy all have the same work load they do not all grow corn well, some may grow carrots better than others. This benefits everyone because they can do what they do best, “many who have a natural bent for agricultural pursuits apply for and are allowed additional years” (More 1707). Subjects and rulers both know what they do best, the subjects farm and raise cattle to make a profit, while the ruler makes sure that everything is done in order; however, if the ruler decides to farm and raise cattle he will make a small profit before the economy crashes, “when the ruler, who has so much more money than they, competes with them, scarcely a single one of them will any longer be able to obtain the things he...

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