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Obtaining A Degree In Information Management

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-What does information management mean to you and how would getting a Master’s degree in information management fit in with your future plans?
After I finished my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai, I joined Vistaar, which is a Pricing Solutions Company that has a strong Analytics tool and a Transaction Engine as its core products, as a Software Engineer. While working on client projects, I learned that companies are willing to pay big money to replace their existing Pricing Systems with what Vistaar offers just because we can capture and portray important pieces of information in meaningful ways. This has ensnared my curiosity and upon delving deeper into the actual client scenarios, I realized that these companies either do not have proper tools or mechanisms to capture information, or have no idea as to do what with it. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I always strived to come up with a version of the program myself before checking pre-defined solutions and it helped me think out of the box. As a result, I was entrusted with over 7 different projects at Vistaar, which enhanced my thinking and problem solving skills even further. Learning new things and solving real life problems has always been my forte and there is a deeper pool of problems to be solved in the field of Information Management. Hence, working as an Information Architect who can solve data problems and gain more value out of it by leveraging technical and business knowledge has become my career goal. I now see MSIM program at University of Washington as a critical step towards achieving my goals.

-Why and how did you choose the MSIM program at the University of Washington Information School and how do you see the program advancing your plans in the first question. What makes this program a good choice for you?
An Information Architect needs to have a diverse skillset - Technology, Design, Statistics and Business knowledge. MSIM program at iSchool will help me build competencies in these areas and extend my professional experience in meaningful ways. Being able to use innovative ideas honed by technical and business knowledge to build Information Structures of organizations is something that appeals to me and ‘Information Architecture & Organization’ specialization helps me do just that. The program is inter-disciplinary and is perfectly aligned with my interests. Courses like ‘Information Systems and Modeling Using XML’, ‘Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design’ and ‘Information Retrieval Systems’ will inculcate necessary technical and information concepts in me to achieve my career goals. Apart from the standard course offerings at the iSchool, the Capstone project requirement has whetted my interests. Projects like ‘Sleep Fixer’ by Lizhang and Fan, and ‘Mind Cloud’ by Ramji, Zarya and Ali are very fascinating and I would like to participate in a project of my own that helps make people’s lives better. I have acquired a lot of...

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