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The Story Of Sig And His Father

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Sig the son of eniar who is dead now and was founded by his son. The boy was still looking at his Father who is dead now and only Looking and thinking. He wonders why his father is out on the ice. His father always took a trail around the ice not through it. Before dig left he was waiting for his father to return and his sisters, anna and maria and his step mother nadya was getting the bath ready. His mother died at while ago of a disease and his father later remarried. Once a week they would boil water and pour it into a tin tub.This was the time when sig would always enjoy himself most because his father would always say advice to sig. While waiting sig decides to meet his father halfway home on the trail. Walking on the trail he saw something on the ice and he realized it was his father who Froze to death. When he got over to the body he knew how he died just by looking at him. His father was rushing home so he took the ice back when he fell through the ice but was able to get himself back up. To try to save himself he tried to light a fire but he couldn't do it because his gloves got in the way so he took the gloves off but later froze to death. His sisters and mother came over and brought the body back. A man later came over asking for eniar. Sig tricked him and sent him away. Much later a man named Wolff came over and said and pointed to a blanket were sigs father was wrapped in. He said that's where you put your dead father. Your father and I had business,but since his dead it's your business now he said. Sig remembers something that happened a while ago, it was about his last birthday. His father gave him a gun,his gun. He let him shoot as well. Back to the present he got Wolff some food and when he put the food down he moved his fathers foot. His father's body was on the table and it was disrespectful and when sig said something Wolff got up and grabbed sig and threw him against the wall and then sat down. Just then Anna,sigs sister walked in and helped her brother up. Wolff later said to both wheres gold. He asked this to sig before Anna walked in. Both said I don't know, this made Wolff mad. He said the business was that enier owed him gold. This...

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