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V for Choice
Freedom is something we always sought, an essential to live our lives to the fullest. Still, there are others who will take that away for order. The film V for Vendetta is about a person named V pursuing freedom in face of conformity. The film suggests that it is a matter of choice to choose between freedom and being conformed. A scale can be an example, when choosing more freedom there is less conformity but when choosing more conformity there is less freedom.
There are people who value freedom as an important aspect in their lives. It is born with us and given to us, not by anyone but ourselves. V symbolizes anarchy, freedom and idea in the movie. V as an idea not as a person, is the main important theme in the movie. Ideas are the ones that inspire us to do something we want to do. V served as an idea to people who are being conformed by the government. V choosing freedom over conformity, marked him as a criminal by the government. This can be seen when V took over the news studio and aired his speech of being stripped away from freedom. It gave the people watching an idea or rather, woke them up from being conformed. At the end of the film, Evey wanted to see what V looked like but didn’t because she realized that V’s appearance didn’t matter since V symbolized an idea greater than a person. V succeeded in making the people choose their freedom over conformity when they all marched up in the government building wearing V’s mask. This tells us that freedom is sought by everyone when it is taken away from us. The buildings that got blown up also symbolizes freedom being held away by the government. The buildings symbolizes conformity and the fireworks symbolizes freedom.
Having power there is also fear that can strip you away from your own freedom. Whether it might be for control, it is wrong to take someone else’s freedom. The Norsefire government implicated conformity into their people. If people conformed out of fear they wouldn’t be hurt as an exchange. The Norsefire government symbolizes power, fear and conformity in the movie. It shows us how power can control everything in the film. The media also symbolizes conformity when they twist the truth and manufacture a new one. This can be seen when the news aired about the St. Mary’s pandemic, when v...

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