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V For Vendetta: The Movie And The Book

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for Vendetta
Utopic and anti utopic movies and novels have always interested writers and directors from all over the world. In some sense, it is interesting to create new worlds, with new social and political systems. On the other hand, it is interesting, as well, to look for disadvantages of modern society and try to improve them. People were always striving to create a better world, even with words and images. In the past several years, there have been many movies devoted to the issue of future alternative reality.
This essay is devoted to one of the alternative reality movies. V for Vendetta was shot in 2006. However, not many people know that in 1982, there was a graphic book V for Vendetta. The movie was based on that very graphic book. The main idea of the essay is to compare and contrast both the movie and the graphic book. The essay will consist of several parts. The first part will contain the analysis of the reality described in the story about V. the second part will be devoted to the comparison between the movie and the graphic book, whereas the in the last part I will contrast them. The idea of the essay is to prove that the movie has almost nothing common with the graphic book and only spoils the impression of the good story.
Sometimes, watching a movie about the alternative reality, one thanks God that it is only a fiction. Some alternative realities pleasure the audience, whereas the others scare. The reality described in the movie V for Vendetta is cruel and scaring. The action takes place in the post nuclear war England. The government is taken by the fascist. The main motto of the country is that strength can be received through the purity, whereas the purity can be obtained through faith. Religion and conservative principles are reigning in the country. However, there are always those who struggle against the existing system. In this story, V was the one to struggle for human rights.
“I hate the indifferent. I believe that living means taking sides. Those who really live cannot help being a citizen and a partisan. Indifference and apathy are parasitism, perversion, not life. That is why I hate the indifferent.” (Gramsci, 58)
Obviously, a person should not be indifferent. V wanted to protect himself and the citizens of his homeland. When reading the graphic book or watching a movie, there is always a question: why was V the first to struggle? Why did not the citizens of England came out to the streets to protect themselves? The answer is rather clear for those who know at least something about philosophy and psychology of human minds. The point is that there was a strong ideology in the post nuclear war English society. However, in one of his book, Althusser mentioned that
“…an ideology always exists in an apparatus, and its practice, or practices. This existence is material.” (170)
Ideology has become such a strong part of the society that it became the culture. Culture s something that every human...

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