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Vacation Time Essay

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Best Surprise Ever
Yay! I roared when my parents affirmed that we were going on a road trip. I thought we were going somewhere close like we usually do, and honestly I wasn’t excited at all. Until my brother asked where we are going and my mom responded "We going to California for Spring Break." My first reaction was "Yes! That means us going on an airplane right mom?" "No, we actually driving up there and we leaving in two weeks" my dad said. It wasn’t what I expected but I was really excited because we never been to California and on TV it looked like a fun state with a lot of things to explore.
It was Monday morning before leaving to school when my mom told my brother and me that she ...view middle of the document...

I was really scared because we were so close to being by a bear. We run as fast as we could and my dad turned the truck on and we left as soon as possible, in the truck my brother and me were laughing so hard because my dad was being so brave about it and we was the first one running to the truck.
We continue our route we saw many interesting things on our way to Arizona, because once we got to Arizona there was nothing but cactus and nothing else it was pretty solitary so most of the time I took short naps and honestly it was the longest thing ever. My brother was like the kid from Are We There Yet because almost thirty minutes he would ask "Are we there yet'' and that honestly was annoying listen to him more than five times saying that. Even though there Arizona does have good attractions we didn't stop, my dad just continues driving until we got to California.
After I don't know how many hours we finally got to our destination, we stayed in a hotel close to Los Angeles. It was weird because my uncle lived in Santa Paula, like two-hour from Los Angeles and my parents had decided to stay in a hotel instead of going over to my an uncle's house, but I just didn't want to ask them anything because I was really excited about all the things we were going to do. It was approximately eight o'clock pm and my parents just decided for us to rest and that early in the morning we would go around. It was ten in the morning and we started our day by visiting South Los Angeles, there was a person everywhere walking taking the metro, in taxis, in buses there was a lot going on, it was very different because here in Houston we don't see that. There were stores, food everywhere and the weather was just amazing. After that we went to the Zoo, my family and I had so much fun that we ended up really tired at the end. But it was all worth it.
The next day, we went to the beach near us, the water was really blue and warm, we stayed there the whole day that I ended up with a bad sun burn but it was all worth it. When we were eating I asked my mom "Mom, are we going to visit uncle Marcos?'' and she responded if "We are, if we have time" but she seemed really chilled about it, so all I said was "Okay, because I want to see Cousin Mike and Laura." The days were passing by and we were having so much fun, that we didn't even notice that we only had three...

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