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Vacations To Consider Essay

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Almost everyone desires to get away from the grind of everyday responsibilities and take a break from whatever home responsibilities there may be. Jobs are stressful and can be monotonous which may fuel the desire to take a break. Young children are usually out of school for different breaks during the school year, for summer vacation therefore taking a family vacation is a tradition for most families. There are a variety of details to consider when deciding to take a vacation such as: the cost of the vacation, the destination and the time of year for travel. Traveling anywhere from home may be considered a vacation, yet traveling overseas and traveling within the United States can be ...view middle of the document...

Fortunately, traveling by train is common practice in most international nations but involves planning out routes and researching about obtaining tickets.
From a financial perspective travel is expensive due to high gas prices, the rising cost and restrictions of airfare and the cost of hotels and resorts. In planning a vacation determining the cost of the vacation is crucial in evaluating if it is financially feasible and responsible to take a vacation. It can be just as expensive to travel within the United States as it is to travel internationally. Also, if someone already owns a vacation property then the cost of lodging is greatly reduced. When traveling overseas deciding where to stay and how many different countries or cities to visit, creates an itinerary that maybe costly due to lodging and restaurant costs. Another aspect in traveling within the various cities and nations in the US, may take less time and money depending on the destination. Depending on what part of the US the family home is located, a family may opt to drive to the destination of choice. This has a huge impact on the financial cost, due to it is generally more cost efficient to drive versus flying, due to where the vacation is located, it may take less time to get to a US destination than overseas.
International travel tends to take more time...

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