Health Promotion: The Importance Of Vaccinations

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Health promotion is a vital component to the healthy of a society, is a key component of Healthy People 2020, and is a major role of the nurse. Health promotion is achieved through education and preventive strategies. Vaccination is a health promotion activity in that its purpose is to prevent disease (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Through vaccination, it is possible to significantly reduce the incidents of many diseases. Diseases that can be prevented through use of vaccinations are are referred to as vaccine preventable diseases. Some of the commonly vaccinated infections include polio, measles, Haemophilus Influenzae type b, pertussis, pneumococcal, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, and mumps (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2013).
“The Real Issues in Vaccine Safety”, written by Roberta Kwok, provides a discussion on the topic of vaccine safety. It provides information regarding real safety issues specific to vaccination and also mentions the false safety concerns that have been topic of public concern. It provides a discussion on how the false vaccine risks can make it difficult for the scientific community to evaluate actual risks. It mentions that vaccine manufactures are “victims of their own success” (Kwok, 2011) largely due to how safe vaccines have become. It does this by discussing the low risk rates for contracting the disease the vaccine is attempting to prevent and how few cases of contraction of disease cause public outcry. The article also discusses other potential side effects to vaccinations and the frequency of these side effects. It touches on the need for speed in identifying certain side effects so that their correlation to the administration of the vaccine can be confirmed or refuted so as to minimize public concern. A discussion of possible risk factors was also provided and it calls out that a person’s risk for vaccine side effects can be anticipated in individuals that are immunocompromised. It also mentions potential future abilities of genetic screening to help further aid in detecting individuals at risk for vaccine related side effects. In addition it provides information regarding other health promotion activities that can be implemented to help lesson vaccine side effects such as proper nutrition after vaccination.
This article will be useful for my health promotion topic of infant vaccinations. It calls out the community support and rejection of vaccinations. It provides information regarding the types of side effects that are possible and the relative frequency of these events. Given the public skepticism of vaccine safety I believe that understanding the reasons for skepticism paired with statistics is helpful in dispelling any concerns. In the infant population one does not need to worry about the infants concern but rather has to focus on the concern of parents. The parents will be the parties responsible for ensuring their infants and...

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