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The definition of a vaccine is, medication or medicine, taken before infection or illness to prevent infection and sickness by giving the body immunity to said specific disease. The immunity varies in lasting time from temporary to permanent., would refer to vaccines as ,”Any preparation used as a preventive inoculation to confer immunity against a specific disease, usually employing an innocuous form of the disease agent, as killed or weakened bacteria or viruses, to stimulate antibody production”. Which basically means the same as the before said statement. Another word for vaccine is an inoculation.
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Inactive or Killed Vaccines contain killed pathogens which cannot reproduce, cause disease or return to its viral form, but do give immunity once again by enabling the host antibodies to recognise that specific strain of the virus. The disadvantage of this is that, Killed Vaccines require boosters since they do not have a life lasting effect and do not cause all forms of cell defence in the host body to be activated. An example of this vaccine is the influenza vaccine.
The Attenuated or Live Vaccine works by injecting live yet weakened pathogens into the body, which can reproduce. This causes lifelong immunity and all defence systems recognise the strain of virus, making it the most effective vaccination requiring no booster shots. The disadvantages of Live Vaccines are that the pathogen could revert back to its normal, viral form or cause danger to someone how has a naturally weak or compromised immune system. An example of an Attenuated Vaccine is the MMR vaccine used for measles and Mumps Rubella.
Mass immunization and compulsory mass immunization (MICs) are done by campaigns from either...

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