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Vague Intention Essay

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It was a long fatigue journey although as a backseat passenger but I couldn’t help myself from shutting these eyes and move away to my dreamland. I never fancy travelling especially the ones that consume long hours. My brother, Ryan never stops playing with my hair, most precisely, pulling it. I couldn’t sleep at all. I keep on opening my eyes at intervals to stop him from doing that so. Finally, I could sleep in peace. By the time I open my eyes, sight of the bright florescent light and people don in white get me baffled. Where exactly am I? A raging pain in my skull gets me thrown back to my bed, which is peculiar because I remember I was in my car. Panic nurses run towards me as I ...view middle of the document...

” I plead for her to believe.
“You were a terrible liar! But who knows now that you have mastered it. Remember you’ve never came to me after the funeral. You just shut me off!” A resentment flickers across her face.
“I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready to face the world. I’m just tired of listening to the same words again and again especially from the people who have never talked to me before. I guess my invisible cloak has gone.” I assure her.
“I’m sorry, Laina. I know it’s hard but it is okay, you got me now! Okay, tell me your fairy tale!” She mocks.
“I don’t know I just see it on their faces and they’re very clear for me to read.” As I end my sentence, Mr Jekyll walks pass us and I see it, very obvious words on his face. I fall to the ground relentlessly. “He…..his face……” I shake as I speak.
“Laina, get up! You’re going to stay in my house for these 5 days. Let’s just see if what you propose is true!” she struggles to get me up.
In 5 days, we receive news of Mr Jekyll’s death and this shuts Alyssa up. She believes me now and I feel a pang of guilt for not warning Mr Jekyll bout his death. I should have done something with my gift. Maybe I could save people’s lives like superheroes do. I spend the evening at the playground down the street. I see it again, on this little boy’s face. His older brother is together with him playing happily on the last days of his brother’s life. I approach the brother whom has a name now, Jace, and asks him about his brother’s health. I know it sounds off to be a stranger asking his privacy but I couldn’t help it. I need to do something. In fact, he’s just a little boy to die. To my surprise, Jace’s brother, Daneel has a heart operation in 5 days. He’s not going to make it, I think. I offer myself to be at the hospital on Daneel’s operation day and Jace seems to approve it.
I talk to Daneel just 30 minutes before his operation. I realize I have no power to stop his death but maybe I could give him strength. “Hey, Daneel. I’m Laina. Listen, I’ve been to that horrible place before and trust me it’s scary but by the look in your eyes, it says that you’re a strong boy. A strong boy never feels scared especially in that room, right?” my heart races.
“Yes, strong boy never gives up! But..they all act as if I’m not going to make it. I feel down!”
“They’re scared. They aren’t strong people but you are! I know you are! Make them stop crying by being strong in there, okay? I...

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