Vail Resorts Inc: Swot, Adam Aron Ceo.

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The main strength of Vail Resorts Inc. is the stress they put upon ambiance and creating an effective package. Vail Resorts have a reputation for quality service, all-season excellence, and trademark in providing a unique upscale experience to many executives and celebrities. CEO, Adam Aron, seemed to take Vail Resorts Inc. and run with it! Aron is definitely the strongest asset for Vail, having graduated from Harvard (in three years) and then a Harvard M.B.A. Before coming to Vail, Aron had experience in hotels, airlines and cruise lines, and knew coming to VR would be a challenge. It takes a special person to be up to the challenge of a growing business and industry and someone that will last throughout the growing pains. Aron has done just that. With Aron's arrival, the ski industry was moving away from the smaller scale resorts run by families and onto larger mergers and acquisitions of other resorts, even ones that would provide package deals for all season. Other than just a "ski industry," Vail Resorts, which include Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone, (all in Colorado) and Heavenly in California, VR also owns 18 hotels, 6 golf courses and more than 100 restaurants and shops. Breckenridge and Keystone were acquired by Vail Resort Ins. in 1996, which resolved much of the competition threats. Another of the greatest "resort" strengths is the fact that most of the Vail resorts are located within 45 minutes of each other which provides the opportunity for the organization to cater to many different type clientele with different themed rooms, restaurants and resort facilities.One of the opportunities facing Aron and Vail Resorts is that the vacation/recreation industry has changed. Aron has been quoted as saying "If you run a destination resort company like Vail, you're actually programming a whole town." Aron wants Vail Resorts to be considered as a...

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