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Valentine De Villefort: The Count Of Monte Cristo Character Analysis

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In the Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, a reserved character encountered many experiences and complications that helped them become more mature and independent. Valentine, or Mademoiselle de Villefort, . In the later parts of the novel, she went through a test set forth by the Count, a mysterious and educated man, to test her love and loyalty towards Maximilien, her true love. The test altered how Valentine acted and even helped her see outside of her enclosed life and glimpse at reality with all its imperfections. In our body biography, we? wanted to show the ________.
TOPIC SENTENCE. VALENTINE’S HAIR EXPLANATION. VALENTINE’S WHITE HANDS EXPLANATION. Valentine wears a simple dress that is designed to show the comprehensibility of her personality at first. Because of the protection of her parents from reality, she wasn’t complicated or hard to understand. She was who she said she was since she has nothing to hide about herself. The outward appearance can tell you a lot about a person and how they act, but what the outward appearance of a character can’t show you is how they see the world and themselves.
The dress is gold, because it represents how “pure” she is, almost as “pure as gold”. All the outward “seasons” never affected her.
Based on how she felt at the current moment, Valentine had a tendency to make quick actions on instinct. The stopwatch dangling from her elbow is there to show her impulsive quality and how she acts quickly without analyzing through all options. When Maximillien threatened to kill himself, “Valentine was seized by convulsive trembling; her arms fell to her sides and two large tears rolled down her cheeks” (Dumas 289). She was unable to control her emotions which led to her impulsive action of agreeing to run away with him.
With the rattle as her mouth, Valentine’s morality development was at stage one as she followed all rules like an obedient child. Her actions were dictated by a fear of punishment and held her back from being truly happy. She would have to learn to think for herself before she could be free to love whom she chooses and make her own choices.
The goldfish beret on her head symbolizes her lack of wisdom. The average goldfish will always be slow to understand things. Like the goldfish, Valentine couldn’t interpret evident suggestions that most others would comprehend immediately. In other words, other people’s “thinking cap” cause them to think harder, while Valentine’s “thinking cap” didn’t help her think. They fogged up her ability to reflect realistically and see what most people would think of as obvious.
The shaking legs represent her tendency to be weak-willed. She had difficulty making her own decisions, and when she did, she was easily affected by what other’s opinion were. When someone would just give her a “push” in any direction (good/bad) she follows it. She is so naive and weak-willed that she never noticed that what she as doing was wrong.
Unable to appreciate how easy her...

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