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Valentines Fate Essay

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“Wake up Cassy!” an ecstatic Chelsea screamed into my ears, Chelsea has been my best friend since freshman year in high school and is now my college roommate. “What do you want Chelsea?” I grumbled as I tried to untangle myself from the sheets. “Time to get you a valentine, you were pretty before, but but the new you is stunning, no sane guy will be able to resist you!” My eyes flash with pain as I replay what has been engraved into my mind, “Fatty Cassy” he chants as tears well up in my baby blue eyes, as I run away with blurry vision. “Cassy snap out of it! I don’t know how I could be that insensitive and mention those dreadful years, please forgive me!” Chelsea pleads as her eyes turn ...view middle of the document...

I explained that I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at the moment, he completely understood and for that I am thankful! I had already drained my first cup of coffee as I turned to find our waitress, I spotted him, I’d know those piercing green eyes anywhere, it was him! Tears rush to my eyes as I scrambled out of the cafe. “It couldn’t be!” I tried reassuring myself.
I suddenly freeze, closing my eyes, remembering, “Fatty Cassy!” he yelled in my face. “You’re never going to get a boyfriend because you’re fatter than the whole male population!” he sneered. I barged out of school before he could see me cry again. Graduation was just a few days away, I can do this. After graduation I decided to diet and workout to get to a healthy weight. It was all because of him, his constant bullying, it was all because of Brody! I open my eyes and see Chelsea running towards me, terror-stricken. “What’s wrong Cas?” she questioned “I-I saw him.” I stuttered. “Cassy I want to believe you, but it can’t be true, he moved to Kentucky, we’re all the way in Alabama!” she stated as I calmed down a but and replied, “You’re right, it couldn’t be.” We both headed back to the dorms and I hit the bed, dead to the world.
I wake up groggy as I see a note sitting on the table.
Dear Cassy,
Sorry to leave you alone on Valentines, but I have a date with Jake, go down to the cafe, there’s a surprise for you.
XOXO Chelsea
I smile at her note as I walked in front of a mirror and gasped, I looked like death! In an attempt to look presentable I wash my face, brush my teeth, and tame my...

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