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Valley Forge Essay

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Even through all of the difficult situations I had faced at Valley Forge, I would still re-enlist and come back for another term. I know that there will be people who will oppose to my idea of re-enlisting because the experiences at Valley Forge had given us reasons to quit but behind the hardship of the situations, I know that Valley Forge had also given us reasons to stay.
One reason why I would re-enlist is because I want to set a good example for the younger troops as well as for the people back in the states. Document D stated “Yet they still show a spirit of Alacrity and Contentment not to be expected for so young troops.”. This sentence tells you that even through the hard times at this place, the young soldiers are still happy and are still willing to suffer through all of this and win the freedom that their country deserves; so why can’t we? If we quit now then slowly, the young soldiers will lose the determination they are having now. We are setting examples to all of the troops through everything that we do, so if all of us quit then they will quit as well because there will be no one here for them to look up to. George Washington is such a powerful and great leader so if I quit then I am not being a very good role model for the troops to follow.
The picture in Document B shows George Washington introducing the Congress men to the soldiers and their living condition. This picture shows that George Washington really cares about his soldiers and that he would go out of his way just to make everything - from their foods to living condition - as good as possible. George Washington is such a great leader who doesn’t care about himself as much as does for his troops. We, on the other hand, are so selfish and self-center that we only care about ourselves and not the people around us. George Washington is a very determined man who wants to get the job done whether it is to train us or supplying us with food; yet here we are only thinking about ourselves and whether or not we should quit or stay because of the terrible condition here. Yes, the conditions here are not like the ones we were all used to back at our homes but do you see George Washington backing out? No. George Washington is going through the same problems that we are all going through but he is not complaining; he is still willing to fight for our freedom so why can’t we do the same thing?
Another reason why I would re-enlist is because I want to earn respect for my work after the war is over. Thomas Paine had ...

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