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Valuable In Discourse Community Essay

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As a freshman at University of Texas at Arlington, I enrolled in English1301 as a basic class requirement for freshman and we have discussed about the discourse community. A discourse community is a group of people gathering together to share their knowledge skills, abilities to help one another with the knowledge they have, exploring and learning the new things occur in living society and setting up the goals to achieve it together in community. My discourse community was according to Karenni families from Myanmar who just settled in U.S began in 2009, faced to many problems in U.S because of the language problem, life style, culture and environment. Therefore, we came up with the Karenni Community of Texas to preserved, promoted, built and helped Karenni families living in Texas and in Karenni State which is in Myanmar along with Karenni identities. With my communicate skills, leadership skills and computer skills from High School, I have successfully joined Karenni Community of Texas (KnCT) because of my abilities to volunteered (Pathos), Self-Confidence and loyalty (ethos) and knowledge skills such as communication, leadership and computer skills (logos) to helped KnCT families to live confidentially delight and getting along with the community to build Karenni identities in U.S and Myanmar.
In my point of view, I believed that success come from self-confidence and loyalty even though we do not have all the experience for the roles to take the action. On June 2012, KnCT held their first conference in Dallas, TX for election and all the Karenni families across the state of Texas came to participate including children and youth. There was a basis communicate and languages skills required for youth to run as KnCT youth chairman and nearly half of the youth did not declare themselves to run for KnCT because of no self-confidence to run for it. However, I wasn’t a person who afraid to try something new so, I deserved and willing to run for community; because of my self-confidence in communication skills from my high school in communication class and I can at least speak, read and write three different languages. With loyalty and my self-confidence for my community, I have won the election as youth vice chairman place and this made me prove of myself to be part of KnCT for the rest of my life fluid with experiment from discourse community. Being part of KnCT as youth chairman, I had responsibilities to volunteer in my community. Firstly, I gave orientation to the new families who just arrived in TX from Thailand to learn more about American life style and introduced them to the new environment including the jobs affairs. Secondly, I have to lead Karenni Cultural Events along with KnCT leaders every year. For example, we celebrated Water Festival on April every years and I was also one of the one who have to make sure the youth came up with activities such as culture dancing, fashion show with traditional outfit styles and singing corporation to...

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