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From Mozart to Beethoven to today's Linkin Park, music has been around for quite a while. Everyone, or almost everyone, should know what music is and should have been exposed to it in some way. Music can be heard everyday from walking in shopping malls to just walking down the street. You can say music is the fundamental of life, it makes life more interesting and helps cope with the everyday stresses. Not only that but most consider it the international language and it spans all walks of life and throughout generations. I believe music in general is great because it calms down and relieves people's stress, creates subtle moods and atmosphere, and brings people together.First of all, music can calm down most people and can also relieves their stress of everyday life and work. Children already get exposed to music when they are newborns. When they cry at night in their cradle, the mobile over their cradle would play music to soothe them and get him/her to sleep. From what my parents told me, that is the way they used to get me to sleep. Music not only calms kids, but it also affects adults just the same. After a hard and stressful day's work, a person could just sit on their couch and listen to a nice classical song by Beethoven and it would relieve them from their stress. I have had stressful days before and it is usually after school. When I start to study, I cannot concentrate and I would usually listen to my favorite CD or song. It would help me relax and be able to start reading and remembering what I read. Music affects everyone in different ways and different kinds of music have different effects.Another reason music is great is because it creates subtle moods and atmosphere. Imagine if you went to a party that had no music, nobody would be dancing and nobody would really have a good time. Some people would even consider music to be the most important part of the party. All the parties I have attended had...

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