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Competitive advantage at Louis Vuitton and GucciIntroduction to The case: Names first(2) This case explores the competitive advantage in the world of high fashion luxury goods. Does the advantage come only from the brand name or there are other advantages? Louis Vuitton and Gucci are brand names which are always associated with high fashion and are among the most successful international fashion houses.(3) The first part of the presentation examines the value chain and the value system of the famous French fashion house LV. This will help to identify those parts of the business that are particularly profitable and therefore likely to be linked with potential advantage. The second part of the presentation then uses the value chain to identify those resources that are exceptional and have sustainable competitive advantage.(4) The World of LuxuryLuxury products have more than necessary and ordinary characteristics compared to other products of their category, which include their relatively high level of price, quality, aesthetics, rarity, extraordinariness, and symbolic meaning.With annual sales of over US$165 billion and gross profit margins of over 50 percent the major luxury goods companies rely on famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to deliver a competitive advantage. Does the advantage come only from the brand name or there are other advantages?(5) Louis Vuitton(6) Gucci(7) The value chain and the value system were developed by Professor Michael Porter. The concept of value added can be used to develop company's sustainable competitive advantage. Like most of the organizations LV consists of activities that link together to develop the value of the business. The value chain is used for developing competitive advantage due to fact that they are unique to an organization.In addition, the fashion house is part of a wider group of value generation - the value system- which includes suppliers, distributers, buyers and competitors.The value chain analysis emphasises on the linkage between two areas:First, the value chain links the value of the organisation's activities with its main functional parts. Then the analysis examines how each part might be considered to contribute towards the generation of value in the company and how this differs from the competitors. (Lynch, 2009)(8) The value chain framework is a handy tool for analysing the activities in which the firm can pursue its distinctive core competencies, in the form of a low cost strategy or a differentiation strategy. In addition, Porter splits the company into two main parts:Primary activities or the production process itself which includes: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services.Support activities such as the human resources management and the firm's infrastructure.The word 'margin' in the diagram is used by Porter to indicate what is defined as added value. The margin is the difference between the total value and the collective cost of...

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892 words - 4 pages purchasing a Louis Vuitton product, the LV symbols and monogram represent the individual brand's identity and personality. The company burns remaining inventory at year's end to maintain the value of their products and ensure they never go on sale, preserving the value to consumer, representing the individual brand's position. Striking the balance between the group's brand and each subsidiary's brand gives the group the opportunity to control pricing, marketing, and other significant factors.

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852 words - 3 pages , consumers are reassured of the good quality and value-for-money as promised by the advertising and promotions.Experience & DifferentiationConsumers use and experience LV products, feel the difference between LV and other brands, lead to the differentiation of LV from the competitors.ConsumerTo the Louis Vuitton consumers, a LV handbag isn't just a handbag, it's a Louis Vuitton. Consumers will generally pay more for the LV name brand because

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2162 words - 9 pages , Russia, and India (Tavoulari 1). At one point you had to travel to Paris, New York’s 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive to shop at the luxury stores. However, today you can find luxury brands in malls all around the country. You can also go online and find a wide selection of the luxury brands to shop to have delivered to your door. Examples are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc. Luxury goods are no longer limited to just the upper class. Like in the

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5621 words - 22 pages (Rafaeli & Vilnal-Yavetz 2006); the sex of service provider (Fischer et al. 1997). In order to give better understanding about the servicescape and its application in real-world companies, three firms from three different service sectors are chosen.The three different firms in three different services are a luxurious upscale fashion chain store - Louis Vuitton, one of the top consumer banks in Indonesia - BCA Bank, and one of the upscale

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8414 words - 34 pages Untitled ESCP-Europe School of Management Master in European Business Financial Accounting Project Analysis of LVMH 2009 Financial Position s Andrea Pierobon, Eric Paul Sadler, Carolin Rademacher, Marco MagnettoThe History of Louis Vuitton In 1835, at the age of 15, Louis Vuitton became an apprentice packer and trunk-maker under the famous Monsieur Maréchal in Paris

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2956 words - 12 pages reflect costs plus a profit margin. A lack of differentiation of products applies downward pressure on costs and higher prices cannot be demanded by organisations due to the large presence of competition. The new paradigm highlights that the key is value to the customer. Consumers are willing to pay a price which reflects what the goods are worth to them. An example of this can be seen with the company LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennesy). The

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2352 words - 9 pages accessible as they are readily available at retail stores found on main city streets, in airports and outlet centers. The luxury market has significantly changed since the days of ‘old luxury’ where it was once attainable only to the super elite. Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Hermes founded in the 18 and 19th centuries, created products for the royal court until the fall of the monarchy. In the late 19th century where there was an incremental

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