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Value Driven Leadership Executive Summary

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There is very limited publicity for values as leader these days because most find less appealing than those the widely accepted, mostly selfish and egotistical approach to leadership. To have a genuinely successful leadership there certain guiding principles that one has to abide. This book aimed to identify these values of a leader; it illustrated examples of leadership values that serve as differentiator between good and bad.
There are several leadership qualities that have been mentioned in this book, this book expressed how exhibiting these qualities can ultimately result in a successful leadership. It highlights how moral values even in the secular world are can be traced back to ...view middle of the document...

Challenges should be dealt with by maintaining positive attitude, using productive communication methods, dealing with root causes of challenges and not the symptoms and all in keeping our composure by avoiding confrontation in the form of arguments.
Another was the ability of a leader to embrace change in these times of fast moving economical landscape can often be the difference between the success and a failure of a leader. In times of difficulties, the value of being able to effectively embrace requires a leader with low anxiety level, who is not too risk averse and have a good emotional intelligence.
Creativity is a value that all leaders should cherish, it is the ability of an individual to innovate, and use their initiative to fine new ways to solve difficult problems. This goes hand in hand with competence which is an indicator of a person’s knowledge in their subject area. As does other values such as expertise, which distinguishes a person’s area of knowledge. When we an area of expertise is identified, it then has to be worked on to make sure that one gains competitive advantage this area and truly become an expert. Wisdom also closely aligns with the theme in this paragraph, it is defined in this book as the quality of having experience and knowledge, a distinct differentiation was made between wisdom and intelligence. Wisdom is described succinctly as a reflective approach to bring solutions and answers. This theme personally closed out by the excellence value which can be portrayed through a leader’s attitude towards vision. It is said that an excellent vision will be compelling and inspiring. There were however three major dangers of excellence identified in the book, they are compromise, lack of accountability and inconsistency.
A leader’s work pattern can also reveal their values, albeit to work. A successful leader is the one that thrive in fast paced work environment and can handle multitasking effectively which is often required during high intensity work environments. This book identified how easily leaders descend into the abyss of monotony and meaningless work, it states that in order to be a successful leader, one must accept challenges, must not limit oneself, be a wider achiever, whilst ensuring that talent and values meet, also to act as one thinks and to master a skill. All of...

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