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Value Of A Human Life Essay

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Value of a Human Life

What is an individual worth in currency? From birth an individual is worth something. Individuals tend to value life with emotion and ethics. Money is not usually placed into the equation of valuing human lives when one thinks about it. Society however, is all about money. People are life and it costs to live. There is always a need for money in life and society acknowledges that. Death is the absence of life, so what is the end value of an individual when life is over? This value has nothing to do with the kind of person the individual was. There are several ways society places a monetary value on an individual in life and death.
Humans have a craving to be known and valued in life and after death. Ebert starts to write more about his feelings and views on life, because of this he starts getting more popular and more motivated. He realizes he likes being known for himself and not only his movie reviews. (Jones 15). For an individual, being valued can mean being loved and adored. One does not want to simply be forgotten in life or even death. When trying to be valued forever one needs to have achievements. Goals reached and people one has influenced would keep valuing the individual and try to help the individual live on in different ways. That is only one way humans think of worth and value.
People in general value life in a different way than society. Individuals base life on emotion and religion. Some people live, what they believe to be, a good life in the eyes of God. Other people live thinking of what’s best for ones family and basing decisions off of that. There are tons of other ways for individuals to value life. Everybody values life in both negative and positive ways. Humans are a species driven by the passion one feels. In contrast, society is almost completely money based.
Individuals choose an outlook on life based on what one has experienced and ones feelings toward the experience. In Chris Jones’s Robert Ebert: The Essential Man he expresses “The existence of an afterlife, the beauty of a full bookshelf, his liberalism and atheism and alcoholism, the health-care debate, Darw in, memories of departed friends and fights won and lost more than five hundred thousand words of inner monologue have poured out of him, five hundred thousand words that probably wouldn’t exist had he kept his other voice”(15). Ebert eventually embraced the changes that had to be made in life to live. Individuals cling to normal situations to be able to live. When an unexpected change happens, panic can set in. People see value in happiness and when things start to change it can affect how happiness is obtained. Humans like to be comfortable and to exist in a constant contentment. The view on worth of an Individual is not the same when looking through the logic side of society and how value is placed.
Society has no need for emotion. To run an economy and keep it successful money needs to be circulated. There is a price on...

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