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In the novel, The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins examines the theme of fitting in. Katniss is forced to impress the audience watching her. When Katniss volunteers to enter the Hunger Games for her sister she prevents herself from crying because she did not want the audience to think that she is weak. Once the games started Katniss is taught by her trainer to take advantage of the surveillance; they start out by changing her appearance and shaving most of her body hair. Katniss was told to show some type of romance between her and Peeta, because the audience loves it. She also had to be strong and show no affection Katniss uses the surveillance and her appearance to survive the games. In the essay “The Culture of Surveillance”, Vincent Pecora observes a similar theme, more specifically Pecora explores more about the in ring action and how the players are feeling those whom are dying and those whom are observing those dying, and how the camera lingers on them. Pecora also observe the type of entertainment the camera catches for the audience. “… the camera lingers time and again of delicious mixture of sadness and guilty joy… on the faces of those who remain.” Through this lens, the reader can see that the players, camera sights and audience in the Hunger Games share similar aspects in how the players are fighting to survive, but try to hide the guilt or any type of soft emotions. Both Collins and Pecora texts show the importance of appearance to be appreciated by those watching them as a way to survive the Hunger Games.
In both Collins and Pecora’s text surveillance is introduces as an entertainment devise. Every person has different opinion of entertainment there are those who love to see violence and those who love romantic or reality shows. Televisions are used as a way for people to be entertained. P TV shows include: reality shows, games shows, some sort of violent shows and so on. In Pecora’s text there are several...

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