Importance Of Leadership In Achieving Organizational Goals

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In today’s corporate world organizations must try to have a competitive advantage against other organizations. The advantage could be a technological advantage, or a product that the competitors do not possess, or anything that will give the organization and advantage against their competitors. Another competitive advantage that an organization could have could be the motivation and leadership that the employees have, which will help the organizations achieve its goals and improve the aspects that make the organization fail to accomplish it goals. When employees possess theses two aspects they could help the organization to succeed in many ways, yet to understand how these two aspects could help the organization we must know what they are and how can we promote them within the organization.
Leadership is defined as “influencing individual and group activities toward goal achievement“. Hersey, Blanchard, and Johnson (2007). and motivation is “willingness to work to achieve the organization’s objectives” Hersey et al.’s(2007). These two concepts go together and are extremely important for an organization to achieve their goals. When an organization has employees that are leaders and that are motivated; it could be a competitive advantage against competitors. “Leaders impact our daily lives and futures. In good times and bad, there is always a need for strong leadership. The success of a business or an industry is determined by the leaders it chooses or inherits.” Winterton (2002)
Extensive research has been conducted on leadership for many years, but there has not been proof of origin of leadership or how to obtain it; while many think that people are born with characteristics and skills that make that specific person a successful leader, many others think that is a learning process that could only be leaned with training and there is no innate set of characteristics or traits that make a person a leader Hersey et al.’s(2007), Even that there is no specific or research that proves that leadership comes from nature or nurture, it is proven that there are certain skills or abilities that make leaders more successful. Those skills include a.)Clearly communicating, which is communicating the directions to the followers or members of the team to achieve a set of specific goals, b.) Reliability and consistency that will help you to achieve the goals of the organization, c.) Self-assessment which is in a way conducting a SWOT analysis of the person as a leader, what means knowing their own weakness and strengths, this is also another skill is recommended for leaders to encounter situations. Organizations the can use strength-weakness-opportunity-threat analyses to anticipate any kind of problems and have a better chance to overcome them. By possessing any of these skills a manger would have the opportunity to become and be a better leader and to motivate other team members and help accomplish an organizational goal.
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