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Value on a human life
Is it possible for a person to be worth more than another just because of different lifestyles? Society seems to think so. An individual usually values life as a time to cherish moments with loved ones. People also value life with sympathy, making sure that lessons are learned after mistakes, and always moving forward, never looking back. However, society sees it in a whole different perspective. Society values life in a logical and financial way. People will always different opinions about valuing life, some agreeable and some disagreeable. Individuals should not think about the value of a human life in an emotional way, but logical way and society should think of it logically, not emotionally.
Not one person was worth a penny. In, What Is a Life Worth by Amanda Ripley, she mentions "...when a man died, he took his legal claims with him...the courts started to put a dollar value on a life-after death" (1). This means that years back, no one would get money for the death of their loved ones until the courts got involved. Even after the courts got included, not everyone got the same amount of money. Now, there are people who are worth more or even less than others. In the article What Is The Value Of A Human Life?, Kenneth Feinberg points out, “ The law required that I give more money to the stockbroker, the bond trader and the banker than to the waiter, the policemen, the fireman and the soldier at the Pentagon” (2). That is how society works. When people realized the difference in amounts of money, complaints began. People thought it was unfair that a banker would get more than a soldier from the Pentagon. Society sees the life earning s for each person, and that is how they get the estimated amount that people get for the deaths of loved ones.
On average, there are 151,600 deaths a day, worldwide. That means that up to two people die every second of every day. On the 9/11 disaster, almost 3,000 people died. Feinberg mentions, “Trained in law, I had always accepted that no two lives were worth the same in financial terms” (4). Every person from the accident got different amounts. Out of those thousands of people, some did not get the amount they deserved for being a victim or hero. People complained that their loved ones were worth more than the amount given. Lifestyles and life earnings are the cause of the high and low money values on a human being. Athletes, however, get injured many times and ares still not worth much.
Football, soccer and many other sports have players who get injured and end up with concussions which leads to brain damage. There are players that would prefer to stay out for a while after an injury. However, some have a strong passion for the sport and keep going. There should be a requirement about players that get injured. In Friday Night Lights Out, Sherry Posnick-Goodwin points out “This means athletes showing signs of concussions should be removed immediately from play and not...

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