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As with all of life, there are two basic approaches to business: First, one can decide to set out on his own to make his fortune and second one can develop and build a team to get the job done. There is a simple, yet powerful, acronym to help one remember the importance of teamwork; (TEAM) Together Everyone Achieves More. There are those who, in this age of bureaucracy and “red tape,” might feel as though being part of a group means giving up control of their projects – leaving them feeling a little like they would have been better off without team membership. Inevitably, however, one comes to the realization that he cannot survive alone as “no man is an island.” These individuals soon are left to consider that the concept of a team effort producing exponential results has led to farmers yoking together “teams” of oxen and horses, has led to ever increasing amounts of “horsepower” in mechanical engines, and so is nothing new. With the idea of being able to take on otherwise insurmountable tasks, there is definitely something to be said about the pride of accomplishment that can only come through the efforts of teamwork.
While the general concept of teams and teamwork remain unchanged, the purpose and makeup of teams has changed, rather than a group of employees in a room getting together the 21st century teams are becoming more frequently geographically dispersed teams (GDT) that are required to work from very diverse locations within the country and even around the globe (Sole & Edmondson, 2002). Of course, as with any team or organization intent on actually accomplishing anything there needs to be a map or direction, this is usually found in the Mission and Vision statements… but then even if you are on the right track, the train will still hit you unless you are moving forward. As Lao-Tzu is oft quoted “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – for us that step, is the creation and implementation of the “Team Charter” (Blanchard, 2011). The team charter will help to ensure proper functioning of a team, and should consist of the team vision, values and norms. Well-established norms are crucial to virtual team efficiency and success, (DeSanctis & Monge, 1999).

Team Vision
This team, known as the “Service Team,” has been formed with the purpose of:
(1) completing the Team Charter assignment as part of the Leadership and Organizations class at State University, (2) to gain, high quality education by working hard and delivering the highest quality assignments on time, (3) to interact and understand the team members in order to promote and build relationships, and (4) to be the most outstanding and recognized team in the class, with each member dedicated to team projects and committed to fulfill the goals.
Values and Norms
To accomplish Service Team's vision, the members have agreed on various values and norms for behavior while collaborating within the group. First and foremost the team agrees that each member’s opinion,...

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