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Values Alignment Paper

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Ethics and values always play an important role in an organization. Society believes ethics and Values are important to the success of a business (Wodrich, 2009). This value alignment paper will introduce my current organization Baker Hughes and will discuss and analyze the origin of my personal and workplace values. What drives my values, actions, and behaviors will also be discussed. The paper will conclude by analyzing the degree of alignment between Baker Hughes' stated values and the organization's actual plans and actions.Baker Hughes is a major oilfield company located in Lafayette Louisiana. The company supplies products, technology and fluid systems to the worldwide oil and natural gas industry (Wodrich, 2009). The company also takes pride in their employees. An expectation of excellent employee performance is one of Baker Hughes management review goals.Baker Hughes also believes in efficient decision making. Decision making involves how one perceives their personal or workplace values. All individuals can relate to personal values by analyzing their basic needs. Some of these needs include physiological survival, emotional safety, being accepted, self esteem and personal growth and development (Wodrich, 2009). In an organization, a company's values may consist of financial survival ethical behavior from all employees, performance, continuous learning, and training and shared views of maintaining the company's mission and vision statements. When an organization develops an organization, ethical values play an important role in that organization's mission and vision statements(Cole, 2008).My personal values are much like my workplace values. Some personal values that I share with Baker Hughes' core values are integrity, teamwork, performance, and learning. Acting ethical and developing trust and respect in the workplace is important to Baker Hughes. Integrity to me means honesty, trustworthiness, and respect. When working at Baker Hughes, employees are expected to honor those commitments of the organization. Team work involves sharing an open communication with other employees. Performance is based on the determination to strive for flawless performance in the workplace (Wodrich, 2009). My view of learning consists of having the necessary skills and training needed to perform a given duty.For employees, these values can be challenging. My individual values are based on doing the right thing and treating all...

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