Values, Beliefs, And Medicine Essay

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In the medical field, there are many ethical dilemmas that a person could face. One of the major dilemmas in the medical field comes from being a doctor. While attending to a patient/ client the doctor may not know the best treatment or course of action to take because of the many options there could be. The values and beliefs of a doctor can’t interfere with the treatment of a patient/client. Their job is to be honest, benevolent, respectful, and to maintain confidentiality of the patient/client.

DEONTOLOGICAL: I honestly believe that doctors should do whatever it is to take care of a patient/client. If that means that they have to bring their own beliefs then so be it. Doctors should do all that they can to save a life and take care of others. That’s their job.

TELEOLOGICAL: If there is no hope for a patient then doctors should in no way keep it from them. All options that are available to help them should be present. If the patient/client chooses an option that the doctor knows isn’t the best one then, a little white lie to persuade them to choose the option that is the best should be told.
A major dilemma in the legal field is lying. Not “little, white lies” but big lies. Many lawyers lie to get their criminals off when they know that they’re guilty. People lie to the legal systems to try and receive government assistance when they don’t need it. People lie to law enforcers to try and keep themselves from going to jail, having charges drawn against them, restraining order and anything else they fell may save them from being prosecuted.

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