Values How Are Your Values Different Now From When You Were Ten Years Of Age?

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How are your values different now from when you were ten years of age?The values of any person change as they get older and know and understand the world around them more. From when I was ten to now at sixteen my valves have both changed dramatically and stayed the same in different areas. A value is defined as - the accepted principles or standards of an individual or a group and different means - changed or altered as per the Macquarie dictionary. My core values which my parents instilled in me are still the same only now my understanding of the value itself has grown more complex. Secondly from experience I can now comprehend the world better, then when I was ten and relatively sheltered. At ten years of age my parents heavily monitored my every move now I am able to mover freer and am able to decide my own values. I have matured spirituality, emotional and physical which help me to interpret the world around me and finally my outlook on life has changed. My own personal values from when I was ten to now have altered significantly but also remained the same.The morals which my parents instilled in me from an early age have not, if at all changed since I was ten years old. These include the basics, the difference between right and wrong - such as, it is wrong to hurt someone or something but right to help someone or something. Honesty - to tell the truth and not to lie no matter the circumstance, integrity - to remain myself under all circumstances and respect - to show respect to all those around me particularly to those who are older and learned. These valves which my parents have imbued to my core will never leave me nor will they loose there meaning. These main four things will direct my life till its end. My own personal values of right, wrong, honesty, integrity and respect have not changed in the slightest compared to six years past.When I compare my values which I uphold presently to those in the early part of my life I can easily see that although they are similar, the understanding of the value has deepened significantly, such as my stance on honesty. When I was at the age of ten the ability to define a slight deviation from the truth for a good purpose, and not telling the complete truth was not in any way undermining my belief in honesty, was not understood or known. For example - now if a small child inquired off me if their mother was well when she was extremely sick I would say to the child of course, even if I had no information on the mothers' health. The value of honesty is still deeply imbedded but the way the value is interpreted has changed. This is a prime example of how my own valves have changed since I was ten years of age due to understanding and experience.From experiencing life lessons my valves have undergone change. Although all four of my core values remain the same the way they have been experienced in my own life has affected the way I...

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