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Vampire Hunter D Novel And Anime Comparison

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Hideyuki Kikuchi’s novel, Vampire Hunter D, is brought to life when it is produced into an anime film. Both are filled will the same action and intriguing plot. Nevertheless, most people tend to agree that the book version of a story is always better than the movie. The film stays true to the novel; though it does contain some significant differences. The two versions of Vampire Hunter D have similar plots but differ in the characteristics, deaths, and interactions of certain characters.
The physical appearances and qualities of some characters were slightly modified from the novel to the movie. In the movie Doris dresses more proactive rather than regular jeans and t-shirt. She also has blonde hair, whereas in the book her hair is black. The novel gives more insight into Doris’s character depicting her to be very weak at the end of the story. Larmica’s, whose name was changed to Ramika in the film hair color was opposite of Doris’ in both versions. In the book Larmica is a vampire, but in the movie she is discovered to be a dhampir. Rei Ginsei's character in the movie was almost entirely different than in the novel. He is still a mutant follower who wants to become a vampire. In the book, he is Japanese, tries to rape Doris and offers D both power and friendship. In the movie, his character was more juvenile, less evil, and honorable. D of the movie is just as handsome, courageous, and superior as D of the novel. However in the book he is more willing to use his vampiric powers to fight his battles.
The characters that are killed in Vampire Hunter D, the novel, also die in the movie. However, the ways they die are altered. Rei kills Greco, whereas in the novel Greco is killed by Larmica. Rei is killed by Count Lee in the film and by D’s sword in the novel. The film illustrates Count Lee by D and his vampiric powers, weakening Lee and pending him to a wall through his heart. Lee is then crushed to death by the total destruction of the castle. In the novel The Count make an effort to pierce D’s heart. Quick, D catches the blade and breaks the tip off. He then jumps back and kills the count by throwing the tip and stabbing his heart. Larmica’s death, being crushed by the falling building, remains the...

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