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Vampire Sightings Essay

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Paranormal itself means denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. Telekinesis means to move objects by mental power. According to (Broad, 1953) “Paranormal phenomena are defined as those that, if genuine, would violate basic limiting principles of science.” Paranormal Activity can basically be described as pseudoscience. It is something that is outside of science, which extraordinary events occur such as objects moving, ghost, or poltergeist. To clear up the last sentence, a poltergeist is a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around. I am going to be talking vampires. A vampire that everyone knows of is Dracula. Vampire bodies are somewhat similar to humans. Chemicals in the brain that helps us get up in the morning with the light from the sun are reserved in vampires. All vampires have powerful organs. Sight, hearing and smelling are all powerful in vampires. According to (Pecos), “In vampires, the iris in each eye becomes hyper dilated, which gives them excellent night vision” (2014). Vampire teeth go through rapid growth. Their teeth have sharp fangs which make it easier to feed. Skin on a vampire is pale (Pecos, 2014). The muscular and skeleton system on a vampire gives them a bigger advantage. The muscles are 90% of vampire is of the fast-twitch variety. Then their skeleton system thickens. Vampire body temperature also differs from humans. While human temperature is 98, a vampire temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Vampires do not age on a genetic level but their bones do tend to tear and they also tend to lose hair and muscle form. Last, (Pecos) said, “Vampires hunt in packs, such as a family and they usually feed for blood” (2014).

3 Accounts
Account 1
The first person who witnessed was Arnold Paole. This happened sometime around 1727-1728 in the Serbian village. According to (Byers) “he came home and he said he was attacked and bitten by a vampire in Greece and he was able to kill it” (2011). Then he told people of Serbian village that he kept staying up every night because he had been bit by a vampire.
Account 2
The next account was in Dillsboro N.C. from 1788-1789. A small family with the last name of Alfort had moved into town and then later on suspicious vampire encounters had started happening. Then in 1789 a scream had come from their house and from (Byers) story “When the village men went into the house where the screams had come from they found the bodies of a young couple with vicious bite marks to their throats” (2011).
Account 3
The last account was in 1991. A man has said that he believed he had actually seen a real vampire. When he first saw the person he had said that the word vampire was the first to pop up in his mind. Then later on he had said, “The so call vampire man was trying to hint at me about what he was,...

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